NEW Free to Play FPS: Ghost in the Shell First Assault GAMEPLAY REVIEW!

Ghost in the Shell First Assault is a free to play FPS that is now in open beta. This is my review, check it out!

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Tom TSP says:

why does he graphic style reminds me of modern combat5?

Adam Smith says:

Glad you reviewed this. This is actually a really good game. It definitely grows on you and I’ve started watching the Ghost in the Shell anime stuff too. Australia definitely needs more players in this game. Most people only want to play demolition and team deathmatch modes with most games anyway. The terminal assault allows you to bring in ‘thinktanks’ which are little moving turrets in a way, which is also inspired from the anime. Ghost Assault is a very unique game mode. Game has a lot of potential but it’s great to play as it is now.

blakedmc1989RaveHD says:

it does need a PVE mode but it’s not bad but not perfect! hey it’s worth it on my end

From Nothing says:

Great review, I think you should do a follow up describing the chipsets too, like how youc an perm out. Also random question but why is your name undercoverdudes? Like… plural? Did this channel used to be owned by more people?

Kitsanirou Osu! says:

based on an anime? which anime is this ? ;o

ACE112ACE112 says:

renting is bad because u only get the gun for a limited time. its better to only have permanent diration

i Chief says:

i love the first movie , so this game got me super interested !

Sapphire - Agario says:

Is this game free forever ?

Jon Lochees says:

I always laugh when people start dissing a game that has been in development for around a year that is still in beta. its like they forgot that unfinished games are well, unfinished lol

The Highschool Entrepreneur says:

just used your g2a code I would update your description it’s 3% cash back now not 3% off they just changed it recently

dudeistpriestman says:

“buried very deep in the menus” Yeah mate, 2 clicks sure is deep…

0TellyBelly0 says:

How many times are u going to review this shit game?

THE CAKE says:

nice aimbotting

RaINi says:

lol this game was better in early access but ok everyone has his own opinions

hello? says:

I got bored of it after a good two hours. Its not too bad or anything special, its a downgraded COD clone. But its free not too p2w and anime related so I can see why people enjoy it.

Vincent Edwards says:

This game looks like cancer

Baker Scott says:

Well not that its hard but looks like this will replace AVA easily. Been playing AVA since 2010 but its dead af.

magnefficient gaming says:

im a broke recent college graduate i have a gtx 950 why the fuck do games look like this still

Hurriname says:

Long names are a japanese thing. i don’t think they’ll change it.

dudeistpriestman says:

Do you still play? I’ve never seen you on the aus server.

vengeance gaming says:

ive been playing this game since early access. and gave up do to the shit content and unrunable game. its looking beter now and i find that i enjoy playing it. maybe sometime youd like to play a round together

Tom TSP says:

why does he graphic style reminds me of modern combat5?

LucidHeart says:

This looks like a F2P Advanced Warfare.

T3KKANッ says:

We dont need good graphics in fps game we need good gameplay and fps.

Yakabow says:

I have been looking for a decent free to play game similar to Combat Arms. The game I feel recently has just turned garbage because it it’s totally pay to win at this point – Super slow progression, rental system, guns that are outright OP with NX (Duel Skorpions I’m looking at you,) and over run with hackers.

Might go try this out.

tata smith says:

I do like this game but it need more players tho

Udis - A says:

This game is not bad, got bored of it in a few hours and pretty much sums about black ops 3 with lower graphics. Free to play games are the best, but you dont get any that make you play for a while these days.

Muhamad Ubaied says:

Its normal in f2p fps game team usually devide not stick together because we all are enforce to take care of 1 critical spot where enemy easily slip through, and if we failed, we report to our team giving them intel that enemy has pass through

Paul Oppong says:

my only problem with this game is that health doesn’t regen

1488 says:

is neople taking over nexon games? lol

Dub n this life says:

why not just name it black ops 4

PeugeotRocket says:

I love this game. It is simple but very addicting. I’ve been playing non-stop for a couple days now.

One of my favorite things is that headshots make a huge difference. This means that even if you have a shorter range weapon like an SMG, you can still take out a sniper because all you have to do is land one headshot.

SaintAims says:

Thanks for the review UCD! keep strong mate <3
This game is not bad at all, I had tried some months ago and the community is small but awesome 😀

Aurummorituri says:

Not too bad a game. Very refreshing compared to CSGO desert settings with “terrorist” enemies. The Japanese billboards, lanterns, intercoms, and architecture is much more pleasing to look at. The graphics at max also seem a little better than CSGO. The different characters with powers are the icing on the cake. CSGO is fine, but the aesthetic is SOOOO trite by now.

Rose-shrouded Confessor says:

I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf mutes.

mochammad iqbal says:

i wish the had SEA server, im dying with 100++ latency on AUS/US server

SephirothandCloud says:

only for pc ?

KingVlsco says:

What is the ping like for Australians?

Malinalli Fallon says:

U’re Right UCD! Still is beta, but I love the Idea of PvE 😀 More maps and stuff. Hype! <3

Josh Ω says:

Instead of saying “generic”, maybe a word that you’re looking for could be “familliar”?

Love these videos but I don’t quite agree with the sponsorship from G2A (´-﹏-`;)

Adam Aim says:

Best skill syn combo
Saito- Infer red
Motoko- Therm-optic Camo
Paz- Hypersprint

I call it the shadow of death especially with melee weapon equipped.

Jesse Lee says:

Go play zula

nikunaku04 says:

This game runs 60 fps in my crap computer

ACE112ACE112 says:

cod weapon mechanics, with abilities

pyrophobia133 says:

I still haven’t figured out how to 1 hit kill people with knives yet…

Axelentien says:

U say that ftp game should not like be beast graphic so that lot more people can play the game but they can do the graphich really high and for the people have not beast pc they can like lower the graphich <3 (sorry if i spell something wrong >_<)

mclarenf1lm15 says:

Remember, it’s still a beta. The game isn’t finished yet.

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