Need For Speed: Rivals PC – Fully Upgraded Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Gameplay Final Race – Chapter 8

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Time: 9:22.44 The texture loading adds up to 20 seconds…
Need For Speed: Rivals PC 720p HD Fully Upgraded Ferrari Enzo Ferrari final race gameplay, with keyboard in the Racer career, Chapter 8 Honor Among Thieves. This video showcases the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari’s performance after fully upgraded in the final race of the game, Grand Tour Hot Pursuit event. I apologies for bad frame rates and texture loadings.

Check out my old World Record with the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari with a time of 8:30.30 here.

World Record time of 8:19.25 with Pagani Huayra on this event here.

Performance stats after upgrading:
Top Speed: 8.4 – 9.4
Acceleration: 8.1 – 8.8
Control: 7.9 – 8.4
Strength: 6.4 – 7.4
Durability: 5.8 – 8.3

Note that unlike the other reviews, I have driven all the other Tier 4 cars and this review will be based on some T4 comparisons.

You will unlock this car quite late in Tier 4, and the stats doesn’t look attractive either with the car seemed to focus more on strength and durability. Don’t let the stats fool you. This is the best handling car in the game. I mean THE best. And this car drives and feels fucking fantastic. I’ve driven the other later T4 cars, and nothing could compare the awesome feeling and handling of the Enzo Ferrari. It could take corners at maximum speed with the full brake drift without any feeling of understeer. It’s decently light, sticks to the road like glue, and microdrifts really well. It is the fastest cornering car in the game. I will say it again, the Enzo Ferrari is the KING of handling in Rivals.

A major drawback with this car is it’s very weak acceleration. Despite having 1 mph higher than the Veneno or P1, it can’t maintain that speed due to it’s tall 7th gear. While the Enzo is the best handling car, with automatic transmission, the car downshifts on certain corners which causes a massive speed loss. All this could be solve with a manual transmission, which the game doesn’t have. This problem only occurs if you tackle the corner at 6th gear when that corner is within the 5th gear range.


Sebastian Sas says:

what the first song second I know

Taco channel 4 says:

If only police had turbo. Me and my Hennosy Venom would rekt the racers for sure

Surajit Majumdar says:

Nice driving and nice use of turbo. Can you tell me the name of the song which was playing in the background?

Sarthak Maurya says:

Mane you are a excellentracer

Muhammad Muizz says:

my spec pc core2duo 2.33,ram 4gb grafic amd R7 240 msi 2gb ddr3
i can play with low grafik and ultra is still same with low and ultra grafic butt i use windows10 64bit if u use window7 its will lack….hope u guys can undertand me with my bad english….

Prince Junaid says:

what are your PC Specs… please ? @IsuckAtDriving (MSWGR)

Vainglory VENENOZONDA666 says:

8:16 big time

Gökhan Başkan Demircan says:

2:00 music name please ?

Michele Tempesta says:

what is the name of the song while the car is enhanced?

higatera says:

Is that music you put or in – game music? Cuz its less energic and beast if compared to NFS Most Wanted 2005.

Martingzd says:

is not pc gameplay…ps4

(Emran ve Müzik) says:

8:16 bug 😀

nfs pro 901 says:

i did this event in a enzo,p1,pagani,and veneno.

UKO minecraft,roblox and more ! says:

are you a hacker its ok i wont tell just tell me are you a hacker????

Sarim Khan says:

Laga pag lag

ItzStefan _FTW says:

how did you go to the game in less than 30 fps?

Vainglory VENENOZONDA666 says:

4:11 lol

enxo games says:


Spencer Ntow says:

am sure you were using the cheat engine, to make the gme run faster since it was hard locked 30 frames per second, thats why it keeps on freezing several times

Vector Delacroix says:

what’s the name of second song in this game…pls??

mahdi bl says:

what’s a name this song??

Gillpinder Pindergill says:

wow drift aaamazing

Ansh Verma says:

which graphic card u r using

شام الدمشقية says:

you are very great at driving 🙂

Sanjeev Kumar says:

Whow you change gear

Eduardo Bautista says:

because this game is so demanding and has almost the same graphics of need for speed most wanted 2012

Eduardo Justino says:

That’s a very good driving over there.

Diego El Manya says:

An Enzo with NOS…

minecraft pro gamer234 says:

aj nesto drugo snimaj

Spencer Ntow says:

how come your frames were more than 30 fps, even i played this game on allien and it was still slow

שלומי יונייב says:

what’s the name of the first sing at the beginning ( the instrumental )

Localized videos says:

best roadblock they had made is after you finish the race

REALGz23 says:

Ok he went from the forest to the mountains to the desert to the beach, can someone explain this to me?

Romario Townsend says:

What’s the song that was playing throughout the video?

saujanya sharma says:

wt a driving

hyspooo says:

most wanted 3 ! so nice !

walid khan says:


hexagon523 says:

Good driving man. The Enzo is such an awesome beast.

DakataBG says:

mph low speed change to km/h!

malevo311 says:

bawsaq! lol

Phoenix Yih says:

Nice driving. Suck Rival! Still so buggy now and also my turbo always doesn’t work. Thinking EA won’t do some for Rival any more. 🙁

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