Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay: EPIC RACE IN LOTUS EXIGE S!!! (Need for Speed FULL GAME)

An intense race in a Lotus Exige S in Need for Speed 2015!
Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay of the epic racing you can have!
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This is exclusive Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay, thanks to EA for inviting me to record this footage! 🙂

Official Info about Need For Speed Cars & Customisation:
Your garage is where the magic happens and it’s here you’ll make iconic cars your own with the most authentic customisation in Need for Speed history. Take a car from stock to stock plus awesome in the blink of an eye.

Visually customise your ride with the hottest after-market brands, including Rocket Bunny, Seibon Carbon and Rauh-Welt Begriff. Equip the world’s wildest parts to build your one of a kind masterpiece.

From side skirts to spoilers, fenders to wing mirrors, tires, rims and much more, almost every area of the car is available for you to craft.

Once you’re done with the parts, Need for Speed’s brand new Wrap Editor will give you everything you need to let your imagination run free. Start off by easily selecting from a range of options to create your perfect paint job, from changing the hue and saturation to getting that matte black finish you’ve always dreamed of.

The wrap editor also comes with a huge variety of decals, allowing you to select graphics from leading brands or choose from a range of patterns, shapes, flags and more.

Show off your creativity on each area of the car’s bodywork and windows; move, rotate and scale to turn simple shapes into a multi-layered masterpiece.

Built from the ground up, the Need for Speed Wrap Editor gives you the power to create a ride that expresses your personality.

Performance upgrades let you max out the potential of your cars. Beef up your engine to increase your horsepower, acceleration and top speed. Switch out parts; from your cam shaft to your clutch, from your suspension to your ECU, from your nitrous to your turbo.

Personalized handling lets you find that perfect setup, allowing you to get your car handling exactly how you want it. Move the master slider between drift and grip, or fine tune individual settings.

Change tire pressures, downforce, brake bias and more. Want a drift focussed ride? No problem. More grip? You got it.

Play your own way, in your own one of a kind car and unleash your personality on Ventura Bay.


Hamilton44 says:


Carlton Rudd says:

kerSLAAM! 2:39

Dániel Goger says:

7 videos in 24 hours #Respect #TheDream

onionbarje says:

Why do games always arrive late to pc, have to wait till spring for this and it looks so good

airriderz15 says:

how is the customization on the lotus?

Ferny says:


Faizal Uchiha says:

I like nfs in ps2 i dont know why

200SAMURAIS 3000NINJAS says:

that was sick…

ninetails625 says:

Looks great

Mighty McSwifty says:

That was no where near a hard race there is one later on where your opponents are all driving lambos, and me in my 1114 HP lambo can’t even keep up with them.

Josh lancett-edwards says:

aarava can you do a Q and A soon

Matthieu Daval says:

When can access videos using playlist 😉

TRKz M4StEr says:

hi aarava plz respond it will make my day

SeriousFox says:

Rubber banding AI

David Musa says:

was that with online players or bots?

Luke Wheeler says:

Does he use a wheel?

cas ho says:

little spoiler-
in the end of the nfs story your character dies

sillymoons oo says:

Dude nice race

diego santiago marinho says:

why the cars slow down when getting close to the finish?

honda NSX says:

i just wasted 5 mins of my life… JK

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