My Peasants Can Fly : Foundation City Builder gameplay #13

When I say they can fly I mean they levitate over a bridge that no longer exists. The problem there is that it’s a bridge I bulldozed before the new one was complete. Another moment of “oops” in an already glittering career. Foundation city builder gameplay series.

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Jeff Bishop says:

21:22 lmao 🙂 Del Boy levels of french there Colonel haha! “Bonjour”!

Charles Anthony says:

I hope you end the series with a giant castle or Cathedral!

M42A1 Duster says:

Colonel, you need to get onto getting your splendor up to the next level to unlock new buildings. The religious area is the easiest to move forward in so you can get to the monastery for herb and honey to be produced to trade and for luxury items to sell to your populous.

Ebba Lytle says:

That new bridge planning was… interesting. I’m sure you’ll read the other comments and figure it out. I do agree with whoever said it earlier that you really should add in a well next to the bakery. It will make the bread get put together a little quicker, you see. As for the water-walkers… well… I just pretended they know all about log walking and were just having a bit of practice before the next lumberjack faire.

A. L says:

So sad this game freezes my computer dead every 5 minutes.. Unplayable crap for that moment :/

Syntax Error says:

your “panthers” hammering nearby on the stone bridge you already nicely placed, not noticed>? – and now you demolished housing which was quite okay – LoL….never mind it happens to the BEST of us…actually it’s a developer issue – as it is just ‘un_cool’ to not see placed structures…another un_cool is not seeing structures under construction mode – the stone bridge…LoL

jdoe says:

Hi Colonel, entertaining video (like always). Especially the part with your new stone bridge. 10 minutes of lamentation about building the perfect stone bridge while literally just 5ft away the construction of a stone bridge starts (you placed in the last episode and it took you only one brief look bevore you decide it’s okay the way it is). Gives a new meaning to the title “A bridge too far”

Also i am wondering what the church is going to say about your little army of jesi (is the the plural of jesus?) which you created when you bulldozed the wooden bridge.

Skipachu says:

9:10 But if you don’t plant, then you’re no friend of mine.

n1ko _ says:

Nice parallel bridge project Colonel!

Stephen Jacques says:

My favourite thing is how your people actually create ‘paths’ where they walk! Cannot say I’ve seen this effect in any game before

Michael Geier says:

The guys building the first stone bridge to the wheat island looking confused over: “Why is he building a second bridge here?” “It’s for the railway line” “What’s a railway line?” “Don’t ask questions, you have seen what he did to the bridge over there when the new one wasn’t even done yet, so shut up and get some more stone….”

Philip Bossy says:

The bridges woes are just starting… looking forward to see how soon you’ll figure out the other part.
Btw you might want a well next to the bakery. It needs water, and I doubt the water from the river will do.
Keep up the good fun!

Philip Bossy says:

It seems open so I’ll claim the First

Scott Fuller says:

Love the videos, keep up the great play-through

Alexander Goldie says:


Ninjapumkin . says:

Sorry late to the party YT played a 4 minute ad with AC/DC playing Thunderstruck and it ate into watching your vid

Gaz says:

Great Vids Colonel 🙂 ( subbed ) Do you know if there is a way of limiting the amount of villagers coming to town? I’m only on week 120 and already have over 200 people. I’ts getting hard to cope with 😛

JR Pelle says:

LOL – bridge not finished.

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