The new year is upon us, and there are plenty of great city builders lined up over the next 12 months. Join me as I go through a list of my 19 most anticipated city building games of 2019.

00:29 – Tropico 6
01:53 – Anno 1800
03:03 – Dawn of Man
04:17 – Foundation
06:35 – Atmocity
08:00 – Lords and Peasants
09:13 – Industries of Titan
10:10 – Ancient Cities
11:11 – The Architect: Paris
12:26 – The Settlers
13:18 – Seed
14:38 – Depraved
16:09 – Cliff Empire
17:24 – Flotsam
18:05 – Buoyancy
19:07 – Metropolisim
20:14 – Hard Ancient Life
21:36 – Citybound
23:09 – Ymir

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C _00 says:

Excited to see if RT will do these

Christopher Goeddey says:

Can you do dual universe

amine Med says:

Cities skylines is the best

AhmadSY Abu says:

18:07 did they get the inspiration from Noah’s story in the bible?

Ric Barker says:

“Dive in with both feet” Erm, you actually “Jump in with both feet” if you are diving you go in head first.

aohige says:

Is no one going to point out the incredible similarities in both theme and style of both Floatsam and Buoyancy to the cult-hit “Raft” on Steam?

Shifurei Saikyou says:

I smell micro transactions and greed meh

I AM EMPIRE 10123 says:

Are any of these games going to be available on console ?

Don Munson says:

Refreshing to see less “grid building”. Thank you Skylines for setting the bar higher.

SovietUnion100 says:

Ymir looks coolest to me

Cynthia Nelsen says:

Nicely done! Thanks!

Attila The Hun says:


BuoyancyGame says:

Oh hey thanks for putting us on here! We appreciate your comments about the game.

Isaac Detherage says:

Lords and Peasants. Dawn of Man. Foundation. Ancient Cities. The Settlers

EGW250 says:

so pretty much the best city building of 2019 are anno,tropico and settlers and maybe MAYBE and hopefully seed

Andrew says:

Flotsam looks fun.

Industrious Nomad says:

Finally, someone who does a good job at a real city building list. Thumbs up and subbed.

Terry van der Horn says:

sounds like you’re saying there are 12 games and you are going to name 19 o.0

S Laurence says:

I feel like in recent years (or maybe always?) the city builder genre has tended to be 9 misses for every hit, so here’s hoping multiple of these games manage to be good. Still, the established ones are classic series, and the newcomers seem interesting, so the odds aren’t bad.

Francis Lai says:

If you loved Pharaoh and Cleopatra, have you tried < >? It was released some 10 years ago, but I would say it’s a step up from those games that scratches your itch while you wait.

I Created An Account For This says:

Can’t wait for Tropico!

Mr. Krinkle says:

how the fuck people playing these games with a controller?

Fritz says:

“Sending out your minions to steal National buildings, wonders and treasures to add to your collection on your private Island.”
Looks like I know what to name my Character.
Long live Presidente Trazyn the Infinite!

pinky's palace says:

Tropico 6 – you had me at “kill your citizens in the street!”

Roni dude says:

wow… the settlers 🙂 i remeber playing that game a very long time ago ( settlers 7) was my favourite game!

HolyPastrami says:

Man i sure hope my people in depraved can carry back more than 200 pounds.

phoenix grey says:

I’m super excited to try Architect: Paris and Metropolisim. They both sound like games i’d fall in love with instantly while playing.

ReallyRick says:

He’ll be keeping an eye on the them!

Taleg's Channel says:

I’ll try sound just like something I’d like, growth by nurture rather than by plans.

Richard Alan says:

ymir looks like an old browser game

스트레버 says:

진짜 거짓말안하고 한국어 좀 지원하면 사겠다..

gmgjerry says:

So what you’re saying is no Cities: Skylines 2?

Mikosch2 says:

“The earliest days of city-building”

So, 1989?

Atakan says:

Beautiful beautiful video. Thank you for sharing!

Brandon Herrin says:

The strange sentence pauses the narrator does is so distracting…

James A says:

I want to be able to make a whole city they way I want to, and drive in it like any free roam gave

Dave Booth says:

Click Bait!!!

Lamar Trowers says:

Cities Skylines all the way. #cantgetenough

Moutton Noir says:

Architect Paris looks awesome but kinda sound like you will need a serious rig to run it!

David Hay says:

Anno 1800 and Paris are visual so much better than all the rest. already ordered Anno 1800

Kevin Hayward says:

You like your comedy with a spoon in it? How does THAT work?

Christer Johansson says:

Great review. So sick of all other “channels” that only slap trailers together and put annoying music on top of it. Will definately buy Anno 1800 and Cliff Empire…looks really awesome!

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