MIDDLE EARTH Shadow of War TRAILER (Lord of the Rings Game – 2017)

The Announcement Trailer for the Brand New MIDDLE-EARTH Game! Available on PS4, Xbox one and PC.
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© 2017 – Warner Bros.

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D Zeko says:

” the ring to rule them all”… mf I ain’t getting married -_-

August Giæver says:

Woooooooooo, hyyyyype. THough one complain: That black guy, yeah, Gondor is in the northern part of middle earth

zMakez says:

Shut up and take my money!

Jydhin Sanpedro says:

Who is the guy that create the blue rings ? Sorry for my English

Michael Blue says:

Totally a what if story. But honestly their are hundreds if not a thousand stories that they could make a game off from silimarilion.

darknight player says:

There’s.so much racism in these comments lol.

fireclonejack S says:

i wish they made a lord of the rings conquest 2. i love number 1 soooo much

DisasterMaster says:

Been waiting for this! Balrog looks so awesome :O

Eero Höynälä says:

1. Trailer was cool, hopely game will also be.
2. Why there is a “second ring” harness wearing woman and a black man?
Tolkien would turn in his grave if he knew that Warner Bros is cashing people with a made-up things and stories.
For example they could have done game about Silmarillion.

Andrew says:

So neither of these games are canon correct? I guess if there was a ring comparable to Sauron, Tolkien would’ve said something.

Daniel Parker says:

I can’t wait I’m so excited and hyped

Wulfram Kurtz says:

how to butcher a franchise 101

AlamedaCA94501 says:

Another Black Annie??

Peter Potts says:

Lol, all these racist bastards complaining about lore breaking. Just say what you actually mean: “I DON’T WANT NO NEGROES IN MAH LORD OF THE RINGS”

fbdfh dfhdfh says:

A truly amazing game trailer and all you dense motherfckers can do is whine about seeing one guy with dark skin colour in it? Srsly how racist do you truly have to be to actually care?

Abeastshek says:

Does this and the previous game have any ties into the LoR movies? or is it like its own thing?

Jude Perera says:

Love it

Legendnum23 says:

The graphics at first look like a movie I’m like I thought this was a game. Lol man games are starting to actually look completely real. So badass to be born in this era where games become reality.

Malou Malou says:

omg here we go again!

spartanB0292 says:

0:53 Yeah, thats really not safe. Especially when you’re like 10 feet tall or some shit

Superhero TV says:

That Game Looks cool, but Its Bullshit because it’s not canon!

Sham Sher says:

Sooo looking forward to this, BUT…they must add a more in depth character customization, a much better, more engaging plot, and smoother game mechanics, like combat and free running. Other than that, this game is a sure buy for me.

Jeremiah Mccoy says:

3 words. GOT TO HAVE!!!!!!!

Phan Nhân says:

WTF there’s no Black in Middle Earth… The Haradrim and the Easterlings are the only non-White looking ethnicity of human race. Do you guys really need to force your multiracial bullshit in Tolkien’s world ? Have some respect damn it…
(I’m Asian btw, no need to get butthurt)

Roger Vargas says:

I want it!!!!

Winking Skeever says:

What kind of game will this actually be? Rpg? Strategy? Or like that last Mordor game?

Javier Del Toro says:

This is cool and all but


fire mage says:

I’ve been waiting for so long when i watched this trailer I knew I wanted it as soon as it came out but then it said august /22 /2017 I will wait until ready

Michał Michał says:

wtf back man doing in lotr universe??

Film Critters says:

So i didn’t play much of the first game, can someone give me a tl;dr of the story. Why is he making a ring? Was sauron always back? why did they split up then?

Kevin Klien says:

Holy shit yeah!!! Finally!

Sean Elliot says:

Oh look, a random black dude shoehorned into the LOTR universe. I sure didn’t see that coming.

Haden Geiger says:

Guess they have to stick a black guy in so they don’t seem racist

DestinedRj says:

So….. Where’s Celebrembor?

Казыбек Аскарбек says:

best game survey


MissGameTrailers says:

Cant wait

tavogx says:

So, diversity now hits middle earth huh? What´s next? Safe places for Sam?

Thomas Gideon says:

Let me guess…
The black guy is named “David”, and dies early on. That’s how these movies always seem to go.

BatmanVsSombies says:

crappy animation. I bet this game sucks

thedarknesscallingme says:

For all those who are saying that there is no such thing as black people in middle earth, well middle earth lore disagrees. The people of Rhun, known as the easterlings, are described as dark skinned, with dark eyes and dark hair. The corsairs of Umbar are the decedents of intermarriage between people of Gondor and people of Near Harad. Though by the time the films are set the people of Umbar are overwhelmingly Haradrim in ethnicity. The people of Near Harad are similarly described as dark skinned with dark eyes and hair (the equivalent of people from the middle east in RL). The people of Far Harad are described as very tall and black skinned though they are known as half-trolls, which is possibly either and insult or a nickname given to them by the people of Gondor. The people of Khand, which is the most easterly human nation in middle earth, are also most likely to be black or dark skinned but no description of them was created by tolkien. And since this game is most likley set in and around Mordor, where there were small gondorian towns and military outposts designed to keep watch for Sauron’s return, it’s not so strange to think that there would be a handful of dark skinned/black humans around who decided life was better for them in Gondor so they emigrated. I’m not being PC, i’m simply stating what is in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth lore.

Damon Letizia says:

Audiomachine for the win

hue thanh says:

so good

Prolegomena1781 says:

A truly amazing game trailer and all you dense motherfckers can do is whine about seeing one guy with dark skin colour in it? Srsly how racist do you truly have to be to actually care?

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