Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain 60 FPS Gameplay ENGLISH 50 Minutes

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McBlemmen says:

afghanistan is such a great setting for an open world game

Arthur Aldeguer says:

The dialogue in the end of the trailer is CHEESE.

Kurt Easton says:

video games dont even look fun anymore

TheAdamosphere says:

I wonder when they realized they fucked up with Morpho

Raiden Shields says:

Quiet is way hotter than Meryl Lol.

Clifford Santillan says:

This game is waaaay too awesome and it’s out in pc now .. What if this game is available in Oculus, we will be living in a world where not being in war is a crime.

Clever Metaphor says:

those graphics suck… i’ll stick to minecraft

McBlemmen says:

Holy fuck man… i’m not an MSG fanboy infactbefore iplay GZ i had never played or even seen much gameplay from any MGS game.. but this.. this seems like the fucking perfect game… the small things are minblowing

Acoustic Black Metal Covers says:

Good graphics yes?

darkfalcon9 says:

oh, its a modification, nm

Gaston Gamba says:

Great inicial song!

Edge Master says:

I want this.

But i’m broke….. fuck

Rebecca Maines says:

horse had nice diarrhea

Rey Der says:


ÃiÐen_ says:

This is Morpho

This is Pequod

Jamie Lemon says:

Misogynistic rubbish.

Jordan Power says:

When he said “Take aim” I was like “Take my money”

MisterMackey says:

Whos ashes is Snake spreading on his face?

Ryan Boyd says:

you heartless bastard! you left the little puppy alone to die haha 🙁

darkfalcon9 says:

How comes when I extract a vehicle, its too heavy for the balloon then, also, what was the word you said at 13:30? I realised after multiple times of playing that bit back, that it sounded like it might of been “an example of”, which of made sense since you were explaining the clever A.I of the game on how thy stepped up the security, but it wasn’t that clear, also, how do you stand with the box as you did at 15:32?

funny army says:

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Berkant Aydoğmuş says:

music name is ?

The Pun says:

I’m just waiting on an MGS movie like c’mon MGS is one of the few games that could be a fantastic movie in the right hands! But also waiting on this, this looks good AS HELLLLL

Jebus 4rmy says:

Your security is not very good when a random guy can just stand there with a cigar for an entire day 26:00

Derrick Daniel says:

The part where you jumped under the bridge to avoid the helicopters spotlight, that was close lol

Stipe Runac says:


chaoszieg says:

It’s pretty obvious after playing for 7 hours, that Hideo had no interest in doing a Metal gear game, but Konami told him he had to make one. So instead he made the game he wanted and stuck the MG name on it.

This game is as much a Metal gear title as My little ponies

walid ouachani says:

this game is good but, i hate this concept of balloon


50 minutes of my life that I will never forget amazing! <3 MGS

mgkpraesi says:

What is with invert mouse?!?! Big downside that you can buy stuff for real Money for your Base. A Game that costs 60€..thats 100% bullshit. Greedy fucks.

James Muthiani says:

47:00 pure badassery

M4N13Lsar3n 95 says:

can’t Get my eyes of her tits -.- send help ples

mblader2k3 says:

This is the most ridiculous game ever lol. Shoot this grenade moment, like how do you even think of that

The Friendley Madman says:

47:46 Snaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!


is that revolver ocelot 2:03

Евгений Иванов says:

Хорошая игра! Только вот “воздушные шары” уносящие предметы вверх – это очень странно и даже к “фантастическим технологиям” это не отнесёшь!

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