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Mass Effect: Andromeda puts you in the role of the Pathfinder; an elite soldier, explorer and guide tasked with finding humanity a new home an uncharted galaxy. From arresting visuals and thrilling combat, to epic story and characters, Mass Effect: Andromeda is truly the next generation of Action/RPG gaming.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One

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zulu23100 says:

In mass effect 3 did anyone else find that the vanguards biotic charge targeting was not locking on to enemies properly at the same time as using biotic charge a squad mates ability would not work until after the biotic charge. If it is a timing issue or a camera issue or a targeting issue can bioware see if they can fix it?

Kako KOS says:

And there goes my plans for 2017

Alden McGrath says:

So, I’m guessing you can’t customize either of the siblings?

PANTS Peasents Always Need Salt says:

This game triggers me. Why aren’t there any redheaded, transgendered, oriental, Black males?

Roger Chen says:

Reminds me of Firefall

祁晓浪 says:

Don’t fight with any Reapers now?

Notaslimboy MC says:

I just hope it had better ending 😐

Alex Rod says:

I’m super excited for this game the first Mass effect changed my world

OnMyBack says:

Why do the women look like that? What happen to the me2 and 3 creation models. They look very very unattractive. Was that on purpose?

Iconah says:

Remember. No Pre-order.

Darth Nihilus says:

lets use the jetpack’s fuel in a GALAXY WITH SCARCE RESOURCES (pathospathospathospathospathos) to jump over THAT HAZARDOUS DANGEROUS (pathospathospathospathospathos) puddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Dude Onyx says:

BioWare. What the fuck are those cinematic animations.

Dawid Zajac says:

nie nie proszę zróbcie to na PlayStation 3 Prosze!

NO NO Please do It on PlayStation 3 Please !

youleean says:

why do you need to find a new home for humans? the planets look pretty civilized already.

zulu23100 says:

also for mass effect 3 getting into cover more easily if it can be more responsive to getting into cover.


A new galaxy awaits how far will you bang?

X X says:

Looks pretty cool
Been playing since Mass Effect 2 so pretty stoked for this one

mookateer says:

ima kill that bald bitch first chance i get lol

Reason over Dogma says:

Native DS4 support or is this PS4 pro?

Great Value Bleach says:

What is this game, another no man lie?
And they are creepy in a bad way.

Igni says:


Lunaso says:

its awesome……………cant wait this game out >.>

Jordan Corbo says:

Seriously…just take my money..

shaolin dynasty says:

Can’t wait to play this. I’m currently playing the first game again after so long. Such an awesome series.

Cheah Hao Jie says:

please make a romance and love making trailer experience in the latest series

Saif Ahmed says:

female default character is ugly af hopefully the customization can get around that.

gameplay looks incredibly fun tho

SamuraiBro says:

eh combat isn’t that great, seems more like a saints row combat

Alvin Wallace says:

Game looks amazing. Can anyone confirm if their is going to be CO-OP during the campaign? I can’t seem to find a straight answer on this.

Wesley Vogt says:

How far will I go? I’ll make Andromeda my bitch. I will be in every single crack and crevice. I promise.

Denzel Teunissen says:

We’ll bang oke?

jowston100 says:

This looks….awful. The fuck?

Brooks says:

combat looks dumb

ProductiveZombie says:

What are with the people complaining about that game. Honestly I think it looks amazing and I will definitely “ask my mom and Dad for this”

Phoenix's Wraith says:

If there’s Garrus in it, I’m in

NUGNESS123 says:

what the fuck is this game even about?!?!

Miguel says:

si ya una ciudad como Los Santos está medio vacía por todo el trabajo artístico necesario, y siendo Rockstar… imaginaos una galaxia!!! XD uffff no me espero la gran cosa.

Alex Rod says:

I feel like a lot of female leads in games don’t feel like women….they basically take a man and make them a women like I have yet to see many characters who actually embody what it means to be a women.

Special k says:

i am so fucking excited for this game, ive been playing the first 3 mass effects non stop this last week. I just dont know if i want to get this game for xbox or pc. I know it will be a port for pc and will probably run better on xbox, but for some reason i just really want to get it for pc.

Kratos8462 says:

Am I tripping or did the remove the horns from Male Turians?

zulu23100 says:

shredder ammo should have the same damage and behave the same way as inferno ammo.

nodlimax says:

Ok, so it looks like a mediocre action game with terrible facial animations. I am not impressed.

If you add the baggage this game has (Origin, SJW drama and so on) I don’t see any reason to buy it.

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