Madden NFL 25 Playstation 4 Gameplay! (PS4 Vikings vs Packers 1080p HD)

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arik davies says:

the reason nfl teams usually receive first is because of momentum. teams believe if they score first it puts more pressure on the opposing team. and fans love to see their home team score first. or if your the away team its good to quiet the crowd right from the get go. so score first then you put more pressure on the opposing team. its always good to get a head start. 

javen jenkins says:

It’s funny when he messes up and says he ment to do it just say u messed up

StoPCampinGn00b says:

Youtube 1080p and 720p don’t as good from a TV…

ContraZombie4 says:

Wonder if this idiot realizes that it says “Madden NFL *25*” in the title. What do you all think?

ricky Carrasco says:

Fernando lol jajajaja in your hole

Michael Angiolillo says:

the graphics are better everything is shinier and the refs have different faces

kduffin33 says:

i don’t know how madden gets away with the same crap every year even for next gen!!! compared with other next ten games like the new batman arkham night…uncharted…and assassins creed….that just all revealed gameplay trailers at e3……this game seriously looks like it should be on game cube haha

CoC Gammer says:


meek miLL says:

holy shitty graphics omfg xD

Shontell Williams says:

That’s ps3

Charland says:

Anybody know how to view teams interested in me on connected careers?

SuperTDSmith says:

i dont know where adrian peterson is on the all time rushing list but i can assure you he not in the top 20 as of 2013. not number 3 

sfgianttilldeath says:

Where the hell is Aaron Rogers???

Ladainian Tomlinson says:

lol tmartn… Ap third all time?? lol try 27th.. but you probably don’t follow football to terribly much so its understandable 🙂 great vid btw

Abel Xiong says:

Dude ur so gay, the only good person on vikqeens is adrian peterson dang, everyone knows that packers will kill vikqeens

Quincy Thomas says:

wheres aaron rodgers

Jay D. says:

Mine too

Johnny McLaurin says:

The graphics are not impressive at all….. very disappointed in this

Johnny Martinez says:

Peterson is number one

Andy Vanko says:

Rugby sucks

bud 1244 says:

Adrian Peterson was arrested

xXLILMANxX303 says:

That’s madden 12

kcpkp3 says:

2:00 NFL teams don’t always receive lol , do you watch football?

Andrew Kidd says:

You won because Matt Flynn was in. Pussy.

Harrison Holland says:

Vikings never beat the pack. The Vikings SUCK

c0d3x5 says:

why does this guy sound like the sloth from ice age (Sid) ??? 

jerrr says:

Just waitin for the NFL 2k games yo come back

Alberto Achar says:

Let’s go vikings!

Jack Cat says:

wheres Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb

Fernando Valenzuela says:

jajajajajajajjaja HORRIBLE GAME,fifa is better 😀

tk106 says:

Why is Flynn starting for GB?

Gaming .Monster says:

*Hey guys I have Madden 25 tips and tricks on my channel*

sfgianttilldeath says:

Where the hell is Aaron Rogers???

Mrs.selman1809 says:

Y is your favorite team the vikings

CucumberGrill says:

meek miLL, That is because ps4 sucks

Jarid Vaith says:

This video sucks, and the creator obviously doesn’t know shit about football.

HardKnockz says:

Your game is weak! Practice more.

Christopher Patrick says:

I hope the next one is better. The next Madden I mean. The graphics for this one doesn’t look that great. 

Matthew Morales says:

Your not good at this game. Maybe try FIFA

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