Madden NFL 25 Gameplay: Giants at Cowboys

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Madden NFL 25 CFM
Madden NFL 25 Owners Mode
Madden NFL 25 Run
Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team
Madden NFL 25 Tips
Madden NFL 25 Tricks
Madden NFL 25 Schemes
Madden NFL 25 Playbooks
Madden NFL 25 Option Run
Madden NFL 25 Pistol
Madden NFL 25 Defense Tips
Madden NFL 25 Offensive Tips
Madden NFL 25 Zone Plays
Madden NFL 25 Blitzes
Madden NFL 25 Stopping Blitzes
Madden NFL 25 Air Raid
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Alex Leal says:

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Daniel Canngieter says:

Lol tell that to ray lewis when DeMarco ran him over and almost ended his year

Chase Hardin says:

Are you stupid Murray is really like that! watch some highlights bro lol, he even runs over his own blockers!

pipered2 says:

madden should have stayed the same like how it was on ps2..they fucked madden up this is garbage…

Fred Flores says:

fag u should of adjusted the setting when the game first started … not wait for your opponent to get the ball

TheMovieEditor says:

Also, when zooming out for play art (pre play at the line) why is the play art routes in such low resolution? I could have swore they fixed this with Madden 12…why is it back? How hard is it to use larger resolution arrow and line play art?? It looks ridiculous.

TheMovieEditor says:

Glare the helmets and reflective areas EA, and leave the glare off of the uniforms so much,etc…

bigpileofpuke says:

It’s still way better than its been in recent years. Nantz and Simms are pretty good.

Elizabeth Reyes says:

i subcribed

lilhermit 1 says:

I love the cowboys, even though they stink a little bit.

Uchenna Orogbu says:

Make one called 49ers vs Baltimore ravens

TheGamingPredator says:

Can’t wait to get this game it’s going to be great

Superboxer0909 says:

I have nothing but cowboy game play on my channel.. Just posted up a free offensive scheme too … I’m new to YouTube but got couple of bids. Go check em out . there pretty good

AbsintheColour says:

EA just don’t know football. I don’t know what else to say anymore. They do no display the fundamentals of the game. They aren’t specific enough. They got all the new age tech to make it look nice and don’t know what to do with it.

TheMovieEditor says:

The lighting they used for their sun here in this video is terrible. looks like a nuclear explosion just went off or something. Makes the grass too light, and the players have way to much glare.

Not sure why EA has such a hard time with grass. Its better this year with most stadiums, but still many like the above example are terrible. The grass is one of the things we see the most of. Specially with this zoomed out camera, so why not get it right EA??

anwar abdirahman says:

nice game

bill bixby says:

@ 13:08 that’s romo alright.

bababaBATMAN31 says:

**retard alert**

Luke Richardson says:

go giants!

Ruth Chervil says:

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo go Giants

Zanj says:

I thought this game was fun until i saw a linebacker backpedal as quickly as dexter mccluster running a streak. then i took the game out and took it back to the store.

gstranyord153 says:

“they know each other well, they know each other, they are familiar with each other.” great commentary!

Sarah Bennett says:

I take that………… a little bit

Brad Sandoval says:

cowboy is awwwwwwsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jesus gonzalez says:

Comment if Eli Manning looks faker than other games before

legomaker8 says:

the color of the giants uniforms look wierd and paler. anyone else think that?

Mikeiplier says:

i think gaints win thi game ik i just wqatch this vid but cauz cowboys deffesne sucks and there offesne to so gaint would win

AbsintheColour says:

please, God…can we play a real bad ass NFL game someday soon?! Please!

Angela Koontz says:

At 3:33should of been a pic

andrewman111ah says:

How is this garbage …..

Young EZ says:

Madden 05 is that you?

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