Madden NFL 17 (Xbox One) – Giants vs Chiefs Gameplay (Full Game) Snow Conditions

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Thomas Latimer says:

Hey I just got the game I’m not that good never have been but I love playing is there any Chance you can help me out with some realistic Sliders please?

80sMetal says:

watch this in HD it looks amazing

Ray Mercado says:

I don’t think that you are so good

Minnesota sports highlights says:

Do a game with the Vikings

Isaac Enelamah says:

Thanks for the clutch uploads hopefully you can do some weekend game sims for Fifa 17 😀

InfernoPlays says:

Awesome video, but this guy has no clue how to play the chiefs. Here’s some pointers!
1. Use play action passes where Kelce rolls out to the right or slants over the middle
2. Use pitches/tosses or misdirections with Charles
3. Wilson and Kelce are your main threats over the middle or cutting to the sidelines, Maclin is good for posts, drags, or streak routes.
4. Alex smith can run and is exquisite when throwing on the run. Utilize it more often.
5. Make sure you hit the best man, with the mot open space, and has the easiest completion. You missed Kelce wide open on his streak route and threw to Charles for a 1st down, but minimal gain and double coverage. He could’ve been injured.
6. Try putting Tyreek Hill in for PR and KR
7. Make sure that when you hit Kelce, use RAC and stiff arm or truck as soon as a defensive player comes at you. Keep running.
8. When using Maclin, Use either possession when near sidelines or running between linebackers, aggressive when catching over corners, or RAC when open, but I mean pretty open.
Hope those tips help! Once again. Awesome video! Subscribed and liked!

Nick Hardy says:

why are you the chiefs be the giants

Erik Johnson says:

That’s not Landon Collins helmet in the thumbnail!

Bryuvlar says:

3:55 LOL!!

SebiConc says:


Gavin and Will says:

need to talk more

NobleSixElite0000 says:

I know it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to early I’m mean way to early but madden 18 is probably going to be at its best it’s a couple of things I wish they bring back Presentation wise: of the game
2.player of the game (Maybe his highlights) bowl franchise
4.Add more commentaries cause eventually there voices going to get annoying
5.franchise highlights from other games
6.better and more different super bowl celebration
7.side line attention player name on there backs
8.other commercial like Doritos spice Gatorade etc
9.injuries animation have trainers and players and etc come to the player when on the ground
10.HIGHLIGHT MISTAKES LIKE BACKTRACK IN MADDEN 09 in the commentary that’s hot

These are the things that I would think will make presentation even better

Michael Long says:

You’re slacking!

Pitch Dark Audio says:

I remember when Madden 25 was about to make its debut on xb1/ps4 and the developers bragged about the calculations per second and all of the possibilities . Here we are four games into this generation and the feet of the players are still the only parts of the body that make indentations in the snow and it’s been like this for over 10 years at least. I guess attention to detail isn’t anyones strong suit on that 150 plus person dev team.

Markavious Smith says:

new york

Eric Reno says:

XFL 2K17

RockEm SocksEm says:

can someone tell me how to move a man in motion when on offense? what buttons do you press to move a wide receiver from one side to another, or a blocker for a run?

HARAMBE Haaraambe says:

Do more videos like this

Ganjah33 says:

Man I wish NCAA was here!

SP-404 HypNodique SoundJunkie says:

This game looks amazing, for a second there I forgot I was looking at a video game. NFL 2k5 started it off and Madden NFL mastered it.

Bigmaxty09 Gaming says:

He’s playing in pro

Johnny Squad says:

thx for all you do SGU

KillaKilla says:

dude, u obviously SUCK at madden

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