Madden NFL 17 (Xbox One) Gameplay – Jaguars vs Lions Full Game

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Hurt746227 says:

Lions are the best

Undreas Quarles says:


Jame5 T says:


Undreas Quarles says:

who wants to join a clan

Undreas Quarles says:

What’s ur gamertag

Chase Johnson says:

bruh, you are fucking trash at madden bro, go back to peewee fifa little boy

Big Time Cooper says:

2 new comment and like

Ryan S says:

How many people play with that close up zoom?? Personally I hate it, I play like 1 notch back. But do others feel better with the zoom like in this video???

Just thought i’d ask 😛

Ryan S says:

Great video — and if anyone wants to play Madden in the future, I’m a casual player who wants to get better and needs friends for this game. GT: Blaz3 Wun

Kenneth Miller says:

Why doesn’t Madden use the ESPN license in their games.

Dreven Bessard says:

First and can u do a redskins franchise

Shaqnokobe says:

Sgu future reference Blake bortles got speed

gbhnjmkiol says:

you think madden would have already put in the announcers like nba 2ks before the game where they are sitting around that table like in real life talking about the game and stuff and then after the same thing and a press conference like nba 2k its really dissapointing for us franchise players

UnitedFederalNations says:

Legend says if you’re early SGU responds to you

Shaqnokobe says:

Jason Myers sucks so bad at kicking

tx6cowboy says:

Are you doing a madden giveaway?

Kevin says:

I definitely don’t think year by year sports games should be $60.. We sometimes pay that much every year to buy the same game we have just a little bit more refined.. Don’t get me wrong I buy the games every year and love to play them and I will continue to buy them but I feel that $60 is a little much for them.. Maybe $30 or something idk..

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