Madden NFL 17 | XBOX 360 | Gameplay

Madden NFL 17 (XBOX 360)
Dispositivo/Device: XBOX 360 S
Desarrollador/Developer: EA Tiburon
Distribuidor/Publisher: EA Sports
Versión/Version: US
Lanzamiento/Launch: 23/08/2016
Idioma/Language: Textos (Inglés) Voces (Inglés)
Otros: Ignite Engine


Madden NFL 16 []


No tengo la menor idea de cómo se juega al fútbol americano, al igual que con NFL 16, con lo que nuevamente un increíblemente soporífero partido de la IA en modo espectador. Cuatro cuartos de tres minutos que se convierten, fácilmente, en un vídeo de cuarenta minutos.

Donde se marca la espectacular cifra de tres tantos, y eso que he bajado al mínimo la efectividad de los placajes y faltas, además de subir la de pases. En fin, en el siestómetro está al nivel del Tour o los documentales de animales.

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Sammie Powell says:

Thanks for this post….ok…updated presentation, roster……aaaaaaand soundtrack. It’s Madden 16 with updated presentations….Interesting…

allustrious1 says:

this actually looks amazing for Xbox 360

Jalil Wilson says:

Does Odell have his tattoos in this one?

CHARGERS 101 says:

WHat the fuck ea should have put more effort in


the only thing for it to be better is the players graphics and the fans

JASP3R says:

It’s madden 25

Gamechanger77 playing games says:

same as freakin madden 16…. WTF EA?!?!?

glasstorso says:

this shit looks like madden 25 lmaooo

Rick James says:

Same animations, same cut scene, same bad computer AI.  Same game, just different (but just as repetitive) commentary and updated rosters.

CobraKing Gaming 24 says:

I’m a just a Madden player and I know this one just 16 with a fresh shade of updated rosters but I’m surprised they added new commentary

Kareem Moye says:

Yall trip me the fuck out with thinking that a game is gonna be totally different every year! Only thing changing is rosters and coaches. And possibly a graphics tweak, c’mon now!

Talik Tilles says:

Look’s like madden 15

SJC13 says:

this is basically worse than madden mobile

DarkNinja2423 says:

I just bought it for 60$ at GameStop

Mikal Banks says:

cant believe they are charging full price for a game that they purposely bullshited. they do this so you get fed up and actually buy a next gen system. this happened to me when i got 2k16 and noticed none of the actual shit they say are in the last gen system but only for the next gen. its all ploy to get yoy the buy there one or ps4 out frustration of not getting what you pay for.

Daniel Delgado says:

what’s better 16 or 17


this looks like madden 15 and 25 I’m just gonna get the xbox one s then get it

A Toon's Legacy says:

Why are the team ratings the exact same as madden 16?

Justin Tan says:

Menu music is also different, M17 soundtrack is used

Matt Olson says:

if there going to make it like these they should lower the price like 20 or 35


look just like madden 16 dont see no difference

Ken and Layne Kreitinger says:

Wow this crap isn’t worth 10

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