Madden NFL 17 – PS4 vs PS3 Graphics/Face/Gameplay COMPARISON | Current Gen vs Last Gen | (60fps)

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Here is a Madden NFL 17 comparison between PS4/XB1 vs PS3/Xbox 360. Current Gen vs Last Gen. Let me know if you would like to see this method for other games.

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kriston mcdonough says:


Kyle Jennings says:

I got to give it to EA they really stepped up there game

Ryanz says:

PS3 has a better super bowl ending

Conner Juhls says:

Tbh madden 17 on PS3 is a reskin of madden 25 lol

Brendan Sinyard says:

I got PS3 and i don’t give a shit how the graphics are as long as the gameplay is good because I’ve played games where graphics are amazing but gameplay is awful

Tryston Thomas says:

ps4 wins the challenge

Charles Stevens says:


Terrel Pryor SR says:

they worked hard for madden 17

Triggered says:

Why are they still releasing Madden for old gen consoles when it’s literally the exact same game as Madden 25 with updated rosters? I don’t get it. Anyone who bought it on old gen for more than 5 bucks is an idiot.


both look like trash

jay jay says:

That is fake Bc my madden 17 on PS3 don’t look nothing like that

Jeremy kruchowski says:

Yeah alls they did was change the two guys voices otherwise they just keep on putting the same exact thing on the game no matter what the title is on the case. #it sucks

Haroon Tahir Baig says:

If you get it on last gen will you have those button mini game on the head of the player ?

Royer Paz sanchez says:

ps3 trash

KJ Shaleen says:

ps3 ps3 ps3 because i have a ps3

Drey1k Ł0NGWAY says:

have you notice that ps3 stuff is madden 15

Drake Timmons says:

Plz tell me why Cam is so black in the old gen it ain’t even funny

Mary Cross says:

ps3 is way better even known you bitches think ps4 is better but its shit

Darion Allen says:

EA really just took a nice clean shit on the PS3 didn’t they

Colette Einloth says:


RMJ2K AttYuni says:


Blake Marshall says:

If you own a PS3 or XB 360 you should probably get madden 8 or 7, maybe even madden nine!

NiteKiller619 says:

Thing I hate about EA is the fucking animations like the footwork of the players are horrible like robots!!!! EA fix this shit already

Benjamin Beckham says:

Fake it is madden 15 ps3 not 17

JONSON Johnson says:


Erica Gongora says:

so what you’re trying to say is that Cam is cold as fuck on ps3? Cause you were running like a young AP on them boys.

Chris Thunder says:

I’ve never appreciated having an Xbox one as much as I do now

jaylyn kriebel says:

madden 17 ps3 graphics dont look that bad

Matt Folven says:

I’ve played madden 17 on PS3 it does not look that bad

latenight gamer2 says:

isn’t that madden 15 on the ps3 graphics

MADmagic says:

Come stop by my channel guys!! I would really appreciate it!! 🙂 just give me a chance I won’t disappoint

Erica Gongora says:

Man i thought that run for the first from Smith was a fumble for sure.

whiteboy311kn says:

Are there must updates on ps3? Like the Halloween, ultimate freeze promo, and the he solos???

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