Madden NFL 17 PS4 Gameplay | Titans vs Jags

Madden NFL 17 PS4 Retail Gameplay. This video features the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game is played on All Madden difficult.

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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Diogo H says:

NBA 2K17 >>>>>> Maden NFL 17 >>>>>>>>>>>> FIFA 17 >>>>>>>>>>>>> PES 17.

Mark Smith says:

Question: How do I change challenges to manual?

Antonio Martinez says:

Anyone wanna join a league on madden 17 add GTAM _ACE_CUBANO

KingARThur says:

why is there no progressive damage to the field

tyree turner says:

anybody else notice the jag get WWE body slammed?

Johnny Smith says:

Only real Jaguars fans noticed Allen Robinson signature celebration 8:24

Michael Pinter says:

Why would you put the fatigue up?! Madden already makes players way more fatigued than they should be

904 epic says:

Thks for playing with my team Sim. Go Jags. Nice video

i_am_basics ' says:

6:03 bad play

Wheelman Thomas says:

Zoom cam video?

Rohin Singh says:


ed gallegos says:

over rated jags

The Hitman says:

I was going to say this looks so realistic but everyday I drive by Everbank Field and say a prayer that the Jags would play like this. Maybe we’ll win 5 games this year if we’re lucky. I miss Babin and others like Jones Drew, hec if we had Barry Sanders they’d get rid of him too. We suck BIG TIME

speed kills says:

can’t wait for it to drop

Blake Bortles says:

get from underneath center you are using the jags bro

Tim D says:

Are there injuries in online games? Havnt had one yet

Myles Hejmanowski says:

10:14, crowd doesn’t react to the sack until 5 seconds after Mariota is on the ground. Crowd reactions have always been awful in Madden.

B1GMike50 says:

Yo sim does the defensive AI gotten better from madden 16 to 17 cause i seen in your recent video CFM Dez just ran by your cornerback while your cornerback just kept on backpedaling in cover 3 so im just wondering did it improve just alittle or not at all?

Tim Jackson says:

Only complaint I have is the Flats Zone doesn’t play Flats well. No reason why Flat Routes and Hitches should gain so many yards.

Kevin M says:

even after all these years and how they have improved the graphics, they still move like robots, same with NBA games

funkyflights says:

Why can’t EA motion capture the movements so they’re not so dam robotic …. they can’t even walk around without looking goofy and unrealistic

rangerstationlegion says:

How tf do they have mariotas voice in the game but not blake bortles

Lucas Trzesniewski says:

do patriots at jets!

Dewayne White says:

I have the Jaguars my quiet team who’s gonna make noise this year

Max Daniel says:

10 man box? run it up the middle. wow

WingT74 says:

Still get cheap sacks against the screen game….looks the same

BroNastyCast says:

Still no real fix for drag routes, I played some of the trial last night, just dominated by using hot route drag routes.

Boss Mane says:

how is he playing on ps4???

Myles Hejmanowski says:

I can’t stand how the main announcer carries out a lot of statements. “Aaaand the Jaaaaaaags have taken the leeeeeaaaaad.”

And Davis sounds like he has a perpetual cold/flu. These announcers are a lot better than previews pairs, just can’t stand how they do their lines.

Yeroc13 says:

nice vid, I’m subbing

Daniel Young says:

They should make mouth guards but some players don’t wear mouth guards in the nfl but it should be optional though

Michael Beach says:

tf is Derrick henery???

TeeMo Vv says:

+simfballcritic can’t wait to see play the run game , I felt it lacked last year hopefully they got it right especially players playing dime or quarter formations still stopping the run Grrr.! So how do you feel about the run this season “madden 17” ?

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