Madden NFL 17 PS4 Gameplay | Eagles at Buccaneers


Madden NFL 17 PS4 Gameplay. This is a retail copy of Madden NFL 17. In this video the Eagles take on the Buccaneers.

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Anthony Napoli says:

Mike Evans be looking too white that’s not his skin tone good job EA manage to fuck up more things already on a shit game.

Antonio Fletcher says:

Where are the stats comparisons, league leaders and in game match ups? Why does this game keep everything so boring when it comes too presentation? It’s not just about the game u playing, it’s about the NFL. They are way behind NFL2K5 in the presentation category. Commentary is one thing, but the overall experience is lacking.

Superswaggboy says:

Still no on the field audio this game is trash all pro 2k8 had on the field audio

DaHeir08 says:

@ 1:41 in 1st Qtr Jackson beat his man on that streak n was wide open for Touch or Hail Mary pass

1122481T says:

U trash

titan guy99 says:

gameplay looks great only concern is the kick blocking over powered

The REALNESS says:

you got scored on son!!!

Crazy Gamers says:

U suck

Charles Grier says:

Great gameplay video… Is this all madden difficulty?

KC Chiefs Fan says:

The game would be good if you could create your own team with your own jerseys and logos. Also if the people on the sideline would look realistic then the game would be pretty good

Falcon 7 says:

Zone coverage looks promising

Jacquan Covington says:

I wish they would add mouth pieces

Danation2288 says:

Literally the same game

Mills Island says:

Can you Check out if Jalen Mills from the Eagles got a real Face or Casey Hayward from Chargers or Marcus Williams from Jets?

David Lechuga says:


Retro- INcharge says:

sub to my YouTube channel

eaglefan 1 says:


Ben Rounds says:

Made Winston look like Manziel out there

RaymoneWalkerVO says:

The commentary gives it a college feel, at least there trying to improve

BostonRedSoxForever says:

5:24 What’s that supposed to be? A tackle? Definitely not. He killed him with his right forearm!

Tim D says:

Anyone know if injuries are turned on for online ranked games? Havnt seen any happen

The 4K Senator says:

It’s sub collecting time since you have choke hold on gameplay.

nick Krystosek says:

hey sim i herd that sub formation don’t work with custom play books is that true?

King Winston says:

You suckk lol

titan guy99 says:

people are going to point it out as a negative but at 12:38 shows that the games improved real players sometimes drop wide open passes

904 epic says:

Good stuff Sim. That cpu on all-pro looks like a challenge.

BeardsOfWarjard XL says:

madden still can’t get it right…. lmafo 2004 forever

Fontainebleau says:

the fuck? this cant be madden 17…i dont even…that first running play, gonna vomit

Romain Cyriaque says:

middle code

funkyflights says:

I’ll say this much, the presentation is definitely improved… Still needs work with the gameplay though, It’s crazy in 2017 that the player movements are more robotic than Madden 2001 that dropped on the PS2… They move goofy, walk goofy, run goofy… It’s like they all had major knee surgery… It also seems like movements and action is pre determined, it’s weird ..

AxelGaming45 says:

You are not that good at the game

Da GOAT says:

mike need his tats ea get them tats in the game come on

S Hall says:

What’s up with the player raising up from the field 4:49 while on his back? lol

iEmbarcadero says:

How about Patriots & Seahawks

Damond Wilson says:

it reminds me a lot of Madden 16 just with a few new features which I can appreciate it because it is football and I love football and to the people who complain and say I’m not going to spend 60 on it hey just trade in the games that you wasted your 60 bucks on light say Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky ,Star Wars Battlefront…. you know those games that are not really that great too and it’ll be almost free

Chase Harris says:

Nice video but bruh you ass at madden

Cydonia says:

Different announcers. Same game.

nyGIANTS says:

madden gameplay will always be the same, loaded with glitches and defects. it wont ever change because ea sports is garbage and they dont care about the gameplay for the user because they dont have to. theyll put out the same game every year and they know people will buy it anyway. its always been this way.

Brian Aguirre says:

Fletcher Cox is a beast

Dj Bingham says:

you make my team look bad.

Jacquan Covington says:

And they still dont tell you what number made the penalty, in football the ref will say..holding offense number 79 ten yard penalty replay 1 st down.

D'Andre Crenshaw II says:

the game looks good, can’t wait to get my hands on it and experience it for myself, but i do get upset over the crowd being so quiet, like at 7:45, why is the stadium dead silent after that big run is called back because of penalty?, then the very next play ends in a loss of 4, and again no real reaction from the crowd.

KJ 619 says:

Could you do some chargers gameplay?

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