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Hunter Hays says:

No Fly Zone!

Clinton Quigley says:

commentators are great perfect play by play I like that I been a madden player 4eva so far it looks up to it standards

Geovanni Arias-Rocha says:

need more realistic blocks.. need to take into consideration the best strategy..the lower the player gets most of the time wins the match..talking more about goal line situations.

Jxymixem says:

They call this real where are the mouth guards??

Peter Kawash says:

Stop yelling

Cool Aaron says:

I like this video when does Madden 17 come out

BrandonHowardROC says:

I really like the new throwing animations

Lyndon McMillion says:

Not gonna lie madden 17 looks the exact same as 16 did with like 3 new features EA is trash

Trey Webster says:

this is not accurate in the slightest, Cam scored a TD and didn’t have an obnoxious celebration

Jim Rome says:

same game, new year

Bob Saget says:

Well playing the panthers on all-madden = cam newton is Larry Csonka + Jerome Bettis

Bill Mafia59 says:

I love the updated gear and also the dab!

Azavean83 says:

I believe we are pretty much looking at the finished game EA is lasy

B C says:

looks good but why did it seem like the RB was running in slow motion? Also,  after each TD Cam Newton delivers the football into the hands of a kid sitting in the stands… how could they leave out something so obvious?? Does that mean they STILL won’t show the “lambeu leap” or the Ship’s canon firing in Tampa Bay? I don’t get it…

PGE KUSH says:

I like the one arm sleeve.

Dat ghetto White boiii says:

U can tell dis dude sucks at madden , he is playing on rookie

worldNews says:


InTwo says:

2:39 There are two number 13s for the panthers and everyone is the same height… Smh
Number 35 Mike Tolbert is like 5’9 and he’s the same height as Cam 6’5… Madden will never change.

Justin Breslow says:

on defense does your number 1 cornerback still only play on one side of the field? I hope you can make it that he defends the best wide receiver all game


different sleeves thats what they need

Teja Nivarthi says:

I really like the presentation

Elijah May says:

cam dabbin

Akash Patel says:

i know this is nit picky but id like to see more “fight for yards” animations

Justin Bonner says:

Stewart’s running is slow he should be faster also josh Norman does not like josh Norman josh Norman in real life is skinnier and lnky and the arm sleeves are not suppose to be like that the arm sleeves are not suppose to be all the way up their arm

Steve Bautista says:

2 things I agree with the other people what they are saying about you using Cam and towing pics you need better eyes and the second thing is I did like the fact that Madden 16 when you were the running back quarterback wide receiver the camera Shake in the background I didn’t like that I didn’t like Madden 16 but this one looks like it’s going to be real real good. I do have GameFly so I will rent it before I buy it.

Brelandcospy Cospy says:

Ask them if they can add the lip guard mouth pieces

shawn bopko says:

i like how u can hear the hits. the hits seem to real

paul mcneal says:

Ugh they have the same damn throwing motions

BoKnowsURDead says:

I don’t like the new running Mechanics I don’t want it to tell me when to stiff arm! And also everybody looks super slow!!!

Jimmy Norwood says:

Some of the new animations are cool

Tristan Ellis says:



Need branching tackles like 2k rather than random button smashing. It would look more authentic. Engaged press down on sprint until break or tackled.

Nannette Battista says:

I am always watching NFL on ScreenVariety website, good quality and good price , just love it 🙂

tony lovve says:

Waddup mayne watchin an IMAV video n he said check u out so far so gud man love tha vids!!!!!!

Nico Rodatos says:

they look super slow when running and graphics are not thr greatest

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