Madden NFL 17 My Career/Franchise Gameplay – Part 1 “THE WHITE BEAST MODE!” (Xbox One Gameplay)

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ezekiel elliot fan says:


TH3C1PH3R says:

They need to make a Madden Online game. Pay $10 bucks a month, join leagues. Then at least PC users could play again. I know that EA is paranoid about PC users pirating.. well you can’t pirate an online game.

TheDiamondminer 213 says:

That title is a bit wrong. Aka(white beast mode)

Keegan Jackson says:

thank you for playing with my favorite

Luke Ferguson says:

Is he ever gonna make another one of these????

David Crossan Murphy says:

You are so so bad at madden

Sajon Thompson says:

You’re the worst madden player in the world, u don’t even know how to play

Christopher Morgan says:

you said you were going to be a eagles player but your a seahawks player

Jessica Wallace says:

you sick a lot

lordking says:

you was trying to run in the green.

kaan ersöz says:


Twisted Reasons says:

Atlanta Falcons squad where you at

Zechariah Parks says:

U trash u could have been got a touchdown just stop playing madden

Travel Man says:

How many times are you going to change your name? WHY is my question. You have something to hide bro?

Wayne Kie says:

You don’t know nothing about football. 13 isn’t a hb number.

Ian n out says:

I have an Xbox 360 should I upgrade from madden 15 to 17?

Beth Herrick says:

r u pretending to know football?

James Fulton says:

u neesd to get yo white ass of youtube so just go suck a dick

Clayton Penzien says:

You suck

OKC Fan says:


Nicholas Stout says:

can you please be Dallas cowboys next please

Random Games: Madden Mobile and more! says:

You’re terrible at this game, probably because you played as the Seahawks.

king Howie says:

This guy needs practice

Donari says:

finally a madden youtuber that doesnt scream

Fially Pondaag says:

guess who don’t give a fck for a tutorial

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