Madden NFL 17 Launch Night Livestream | Connected Franchise Gameplay

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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Trinece Finilini says:

ay how to make the animation happen

Tay Johnson says:

all Madden isn’t ( as ) hard as most pp think u just have to get into a rhythm early on to build the lead then control it most important thing is clock management

Ml_1dtp says:

I play nba 2k16 on hall of fame and beat the CPU with the Knicks all the time just put the game style on simulation. Yea I run into teams like thunder, warriors and Cleveland and they give me issues but it’s the realest you can get

Da 9th Cloud says:

How did you get on with E.A

- Finnz7 says:

hey yal madden needs this..its from 2k5 and its directional player swapping i dont have the tech to make a proper vid but some do..when you switch out a db n madden ur forced to go to the dline on a pass although if they had directional swapping you could go into the safty and cover weaknesses after the snap

747cy says:

Gdam you take button smashing to a whole new level…lmao,You playing madden or Fkn mortal kombat!?!

Dean Durant says:

Is there a 16 week like a regular season on madden and how do I get to it on Xbox 360? Help

realoprah sidenigga says:

You complain way too much

Nicholas Mich says:

Keep up the great content SIM! I enjoy watching your videos and live streams.

Ryan C says:

Couldn’t agree more about the whole player likeness topic. Well done.

Phil Wimes says:

51:53 green was wide open for a touchdown lol

Sam Chu says:

Why in the fuck they took out the coin toss?I want to decide whether to kickoff or receive the ball.Madden is like Roger Goodell.All about making money,pissing off fans.

Bullet Tooth Tony says:

Commentators are great. Nice and chill without sounding like they’re falling asleep.

Aodefense says:

Yo sim as of right now what im playing right now and i might get killed in the comment section but if you can get over some of the player movement i can finally put my apf2k8 to rest dont get me wrong its still some stuff apf does better like oline and dline interaction and apf movement around the field is a little better but this madden is head 2 head and if they keep progressing forward they will surpass them in madden 18

Mason Chmiel says:

I just subscribed

Zachary Dunning says:

Is the pro bowl playable again

Rakheem Allah says:

Nigga quit bitching

UC704 says:

Damn sim you’ve been grinding for the community… Salute!

Da 9th Cloud says:

the bounce is good on that defensive wait they do it on Sundays so when they take off they wont be flat footed and the can launch the direction they wan t to go…From experience

SteelD34KC says:

Aww man All Madden is the real deal, but the sliders need a little work. Got CRUSHED in the running game on both sides. I couldnt really run all that well, but the CPU was on fire.

But I lost, I mean I lost not like the CPU cheated or the sliders felt like they were all more powerful then me. I lost because of bad defensive selection, and a few bad pass plays.

Rakheem Allah says:

You play all pro because you suck always complaining

Joe Welch says:

commentary sucks

Troy DaBoss says:

I just ordered Madden a few hours ago.hope it’s worth the 59.99

Jermaine James says:

this shit wack

Jeff Rodgers says:

This game is trash. Don’t waste your money

libertybong420 says:

like every game madden is riddled with problems

Jennifer Anderson says:


Old Man says:

So you work for EA? I was searching for some objective gameplay review of Madden 17 before I drop 60 on this.

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