Madden NFL 17 Gameplay (PS4) | Steelers Take On Chargers At Qualcomm Stadium


Madden NFL 17 Gameplay (PS4) | Steelers Take On Chargers At Qualcomm Stadium

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GaryEdge88 says:

Would really appreciate an answer on this one, as it would do the sim community a great service. Is your All Madden difficulty listed here without any slider adjustments?

I’ve watched plenty of All Pro vs. CPU and have not been impressed. CPU QB’s appear oblivious to pressure and are frequently sacked. Also, CPU CB’s are repeatedly toasted in the too-often- called cover 1 press coverage. While this is far from perfect game play, it is the most realistic example I’ve seen thus far. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Joshua Velez says:

Yay chargers won:-)


This is pretty bad gameplay actually. Dfdrs making 180° turns to make Ints. Dfdrs dumbing out in the face of a go route. The usual forced short yardage situations. Nothing has changed really other than some additional running moves. Smh.

KJ 619 says:

Thank you man I appreciate you putting the video up for the Chargers. We should run a game once I get madden. I’m on PS4 knightmare619

Tyrone Johnson says:

To bad that’s not going to happen in real life !!!!!!!! Steelers for life !!!!!!!!!

Keiwunty Phillips says:

I can tell you not playing on all madden

Deaunta Dukes says:

I wish Ea would clean up the Jukes/Spin animation it seems to easy to Fake a defender I’d prefer the spin/jukes in NCAA 14 +simfball what do you think Ea should do about this going forward?

Vaughn HarrisJr says:

Take out Bosa he’s holding out….he thinks he’s different

Justin Goncalves says:

whoeever is playing as the steelers is cheeks at madden

Mr. Bliss says:

Must be on rookie


this is so dumb that linemen can’t advance a fumble

The EverythingBoy says:

Wanna collaborate

William Riddick says:

it looks good Sim. I be buying this year

unclejitz says:

why does everyone do the same dumbass dance.. they have to patch fumble advance logic too…

Bravo729 says:

Perfect man to man coverage at 41:53….the receiver got a decent release from the jamm but Stevie Williams kept his eyes on the qb & mad the play….Good shit!!

Lowkey22 says:

L for restarting the game

triviam123 says:


pigfeet79 says:

hey simfball on Carolina Panthers why is run blocking so low for Olsen and Tolbert?

Jabiari Skidmore says:

why you stopped when you first started? pussy

Krazy Uncle says:

33:28 so much for defending Aggressive Catch, lol

Brandon Keisler says:

why do guys go limp on tackles? looks horrible

Antonio Fletcher says:

Can u show a CPU-vs-CPU game in broadcast mode? Would like too see how the AI manages without human influences.

Craig Smith says:

Good lookin out bro!

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