Madden NFL 17 Gameplay Bears at Vikings and Packers at Cardinals

This video and footage is sponsored by EA SPORTS. I was recently invited to a capture event at Tiburon Studios to get some early capture of Madden 17. EA SPORTS paid for my trip to Orlando. The video in this video is not a final build of Madden 17, this is still a work in progress. This video is a showcase Madden NFL 17 raw gameplay. In this video you will see the Bears vs the Vikings and the Packers vs the Cardinals.

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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Blammo D says:

I want this game for PC so bad

Cunt says:

Rodgers would scramble. This game is ass.

RotaryPerfection says:

Is there dedicated spin left and spin right buttons?

Its_spazz says:

Am I the only one that is going to buy this for the cleats?

Ezra Alldredge says:

Thanks for posting just some gameplay without talking or anything over it. Just found this video and it’s super refreshing after constantly hearing people screaming while they play

Clay Stocker says:

looks dope

BeardsOfWarjard XL says:

Madden 2004 > all future maddens

EET FUK says:

for a guy that hasn’t gotten a madden game since ’11 I think, this should be good right?

lil fanta says:

op Lacey

rick D says:

not too much different than 16, except i notice that the tackling looks a bit more realistic this year

Jaylen Gumbs says:

Damn they overpowered Lacy

terrace Robinson says:

truck stick back!! hell yea

snyder feller says:

Seems kind of arcade like

TD3322 CowboysNEFL says:

At 4:20 the Bears run a Singleback draw. Sharrif Floyyd is lined up as the Left DT over Kyle Long’s outside shoulder it appears.(its hard to tell as the plays are cut togther right at the snap) At the snap Long takes a step back as if to Pass Pro, and the TE crosses the RTs face and engages Floyyd from the side right infront of Long who could easily step up and take Floyyd allowing the TE to release upfield to a Backer or Saftey. Instead Long just stands there allowing Floyyd to easily beat the TE crossing Longs face and shooting the A gap to drop Jeremy Langford for a 3yd loss. I’m hoping this is an Older video from an Unfinished version of M17 and this kind of thing has been remedied.

Eros Adonis says:

‘the year of the big run’..

jeoh93 says:

i think madden 15 is still the best

Cassidy Carroll says:

YES… NO PHIL SIMMS!!! EA can have my $60.

def loaf says:

the commentary great but the animations not

dabears2216 says:

Jeremy Langford is a fast back, and Floyd almost caught him lol. He didn’t take a better angle he just straight up almost caught him. Oh well I’m still copping madden just like every year

soupkiwi345 says:

Man this looks really good

Luis says:

This looks exactly like madden 16, but the gameplay is much better in my opinion.

Tj Faino says:

they need to bring back the Cone vision for passing or do something to make it harder to pass.

SPPSports says:

As a die hard 2K fan, I can genuinely say that I see clear improvement in the physics and momentum part of the game. But the Madden presentation is SO faceless, while 2K is the king of personalized simulation, attention to detail, and signature touch.

Still, I think this is an improvement.

Wajad rahimi says:

Member madden 15 when very QB looked like they threw the same

lil fanta says:

I wanna see a useful hurdle button from now on

Jay Rushlow says:

Is there a demo this year

Abram Gillette says:

Not impressed

Gareth Bennett says:

What level is this being played on? Line play still looks poor. In all those plays the D-Line barely got any pressure on the QB. TD to Jeffrey cutler stood there motionless for 5-6 seconds. This is my only fear for the game this year

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