Madden NFL 17 Gameplay and Features!!! (Madden 17 Footage) | 1080p60FPS

This Madden NFL 17 Gameplay Video is sponsored by EA Sports. It should be noted this game is currently a work in progress. I was fortunate enough to be flown out to Los Angeles for EA Play 2016, and was able to capture footage for Madden 17 at an EA Game Changer event.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think of the Gameplay in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more Madden 17 content!!!

This video is all about the gameplay side of Madden NFL 17. In this video I discuss the new HAT count feature used in the running game, and how to run effectively in Madden 17. I discuss the new SWAT mechanic, which is a direct counter to the aggressive catch. While on the same topic, I discuss the new feature: Organic knockouts, which will provide a whole new wrinkle into how players catch the ball. I dive into the new zone coverages briefly, and also discuss the new additions and changes to special teams. Overall, I cover a lot, so I hope you enjoy!!!

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Nathan Bell says:

Love the opening touchdown…. Guy runs for 70+ yards and none of his teammates are celebrating…. Nice EA, nice

Cory Rogers says:

Love the new swat mechanics .I took a year off bcause of the low percentage of plays I was able to make . I play all my own D and to not get rewarded, instead give up a 50 yard 1 hander was rediculouse . thanks for returning the game back to its truest form, #RealLike

Spicy Sosa says:

madden 17 looks good…..but all madden needs is to more creative….

Jeffrey Mcconnell says:

Still no tattoos smh

Triggered says:

How stiff is the running?

Miles Greb says:

Tons of things you are are new are not new

Mat 727 says:

this game looks awesome

Adam Warlock says:

I just wish they’d fix that 180° camera turn after an interception (example at 2:11.) Kirksey would’ve taken that to the house, but he stuttered and ran backwards because of how long it takes Madden to pause for the turnover.

Danation2288 says:

I hate how they run & wassup with all the tips any true madden player can tell what’s in the box & wat area to run to rather it be middle left or right I feel like they making madden for madden handicaps like a real easy mode with all these tips they installing to help people play throughout a game! Everything else look solid tho!

NT says:

please tell me this game has online co-op, i don’t understand why EA adds online co-op one year and remove the next year

god says:

Ea keep addin shyt, taking out shyt. re addin shyt, removin shyt, addin new shyt.. wtf Ea

Speck Highlights says:

they have the gronk spike!!!!

aaron garza says:

finally u can defend the aggrieve catch cuz every time im facing someone they use it every time and u have no choice but to watch dez catch the ball evey time over Josh norman #GOREDSKINS

Diggla says:

Wake me up when nfl 2k comes back. I’m schleep!

John Paul Gagliano says:

The play where the receiver makes a second effort was cool but they should have him like get down on his knees and cover his face with his hands for a second like you see receivers/corners doing these days when they let one slip. That would be a nice little addition.

ZPanther19 says:

Can you confirm that rookies like Cody Kessler and Cardale Jones have face scans? That’s an important feature for me now madden.

hallonmarsPS4 says:

I uploaded a bunch of vids on my channel of madden 17 gameplay. Categorized them into: Best Runs/Rush TDs, Best Catches/Pass TDs, Blocks&Fakes, Interceptions/Swats, & Presentation.

torrence Owens says:

the SWAT was in last year’s game it’s just people didn’t really use it everybody wanted a big interception

BDGaming says:

Why does Eddie Lacy look fit?

Madden Montages says:

they need to add body figures in the snow man ….

Danny Ramirez says:

I swear they spend all their time changing the kicking and punting meter. look at every Madden and you see a different meter every year. seriously EA

Charlotte BoiCharlie says:

the second and 3rd effort for the ball isn’t new tho. they got that on 12. haven’t played others but it’s on 12

WesKhalifa says:

if only they only.

RealityTV says:

why isn’t eddy fat

Albert Zeis says:

Love that you didn’t talk over the plays, set them up for us and let it go.  Well done subscribed

Vwood says:

I’m done, it is what it is madden is just going to be madden… Can’t wait for the 2k 17 b-ball!!!! Lol no that’s innovative for real lol….

Wally Hanchett says:

who did the texans game play

Aaron 12 Pac Shakur says:

Hey Swami, does swat count as a pass defended or pass deflection?

Old Man Jenkins says:

This nigga sounds like Brandon Rodgers

Jay Allen says:

No injury cart? I need real NFL,fuck it imma get a PS2 HDMI converter and relive ESPN 2K5 football who’s with me?

Andrew Fackenthall says:

all i wanna be able to do is have me and a friend create a player and be able to be ACTUALLY drafted to a team and play a full franchise mode together on the same team…why the fuck is that not a thing…EA sucks

The Watcher says:

I hope there is an option to turn off the text in the zone bubbles, the field is starting to seem cluttered with alot of this stuff to me. other than that tho, it looks pretty good

Jon Dunham says:

I like how they finally added tracker where you can see the other game scores during the same time whether it is 1pm or 4pm and when you have a night game you can see the final scores of the earlier games!

DASamX5453 says:

1:05 the football gets thrown into the snow and bounces really high and there is no inprint from the football on the it is with your feet..nice :p

Thomas Russo says:

snow looks like nintendo 64 snow

South East Bobby says:

So far so good looks like they evening the playing field up between offense and defense…. show the defense some love

KingAmazing7203 says:

Looks like defenders can’t tackle

Robinson Damus says:

Madden 17 made some good changes. Some people are just skeptical to pay $60 for those significant changes. If EA made the price 4 madden 17 $20 everybody would buy it.

Mike E says:

Cool vid. But seriously they still don’t slide in the snow???…..UGH is it really that hard to put it into the game?

fease baby says:

Madden never seems to improve my opinion

Elijah Johnson says:

I don’t understand why the squib kick was ever taken out.

James Davis says:

Getting madden close to where it wants to be, now add in some field degradation and it would be outstanding.

Kwesi Larbi says:

This man said the swat button smfh

Nutmeg007 says:

i have a question does ea pay for your food and hotel when they fly you out to LA??

shawn bopko says:

crazy video but im going to miss aggervise catch shit man i love how you can juke easly and stiff arm and how you can do super dab super cam lets go

Omega8kilo says:

Just think they added somethings and brang back somethings from previous Maddens and charge you $65.

MarznCharge says:

It looks nice so far and that kick menu looks interesting. The backspin button really caught my eye.

Bob Fangosi says:

As the release date and the new football season approaches, I get more and more excited for this game. This was a well done video that gave me a good taste of what I’ll be getting into this year in Madden! So hyped!!

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