Madden NFL 16 | XBOX 360 | Gameplay

Madden NFL 16 (XBOX 360)
Desarrollador/Developer: EA Tiburon
Distribuidor/Publisher: EA Sports
Versión/Version: US
Lanzamiento/Launch: 25/08/2015
Idioma/Language: Textos (Inglés) Voces (Inglés)
Otros: Multijugador Offline (2-4 jugadores). Cooperativo Offline (2 jugadores). Multijugador Online (2 jugadores).


No tengo ni la menor idea de cómo se juega al fútbol americano y tampoco muchas ganas de tragarme el tutorial, que no es corto (aunque sí completo) por lo que he dejado que juegue un partido entre la IA, una opción que tienen todos los juegos deportivos de EA Sport.

No sé muy bien si el deporte es tan sobernamente aburrido o solo lo es el juego pero con decir que son 4 tiempos de seis minutos y el vídeo dura una hora uno se hace a la idea de la inmensa cantidad de vídeos, secuencias, repeticiones y demás que tienes que tragarte. Aunque la IA tampoco hace mucho recorriendo 20 yardas en su mejor jugada (eso sí, luego juegas contra ella y es dios).

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Random Vlogs & Cover Songs says:

it looks like Madden 15

Barry Lee says:

Good vid, was this game computer vs computer?

alexis franco says:

What should I get fifa 16 or madden 16

Paul Gaither says:

Why did it show the Dolphins lining up to kick then switched to the Patriots kicking off? More Madden bull shit?

Jeremy Fonseca says:

you payed $60 for a roster update lol this looks exactly like madden 15 on the 360/ps3 except with the new draft champions mode

Tyler Webb says:

I hate how XBOX one And PS4 get the most realistic stuff then XBOX 360 gets the same thing as a xbox 360 madden 15

yungfly jr says:

Same shit as last year just in this console but totally different on Xbox one lol

CyberWolfGaming says:

What madden does is make a new game, put it on the PS4 and Xbox 1, than make the last generation game from the xbox 1 and PS4 and put it on the xbox 360 and ps3

Marcus Shelton says:

yo what’s ur gammertag

chriscarmine12 says:


Kevin Casel says:

Its on to next gen for me for 2k16 and wait on madden 17

Bossy Bcn says:

is better madden 25 for 360

Daniel Koku says:

So far no changes

chris henley says:

Is there any differences between Madden 15 and Madden 16 Xbox 360

Aidan Lay says:

is thiss realy xbox 360

Gregory Oropesa says:

Is there aggressive, possesion, or rac catching? How good does the game feel?

Golden Games says:

Odell doesn’tdo the whip in 360 when ur loading rhe game up

emilio castronero says:

Anyone willing to license transfer for this game

Oliver Smith says:

Madden 13

Jared T says:

Are there any major differences?

Jonathan Almendarez says:

can yall change the camera angles for X box 360

BluesRaconteur says:

This game looks awful

Caleb Hoyle says:

wow this looks just like 15 and 25 for 360 lls, Xbox one has much better graphics and more reasons to play it, this game just seems boring for 360, just the same as the other old ones

Deaven magnuson says:

Come on EA it looks like Madden 25 but with a 16

shaquille russell says:

For those of you complaining, what did you expect lololol why would the put time in to put new things in a last gen console, stop whining and get with the times. The graphics maxed out on madden 25 on the 360 it can’t get no better than this. Either upgrade or enjoy your old game haha. You know how ps2 users feel when madden 08 and 09 came out

prettyboyjay says:

they run very fast

LouPremo says:

microsoft hates 360 users. i bet they want to take us all out behind a building and shoot us in the back of the heads

Erikiceman says:

Why does Rob Gronkowski look like a fucking gorilla XD

Aw Snap says:

gameplay still looks like shit. they still look like they walking on slippery carpet.

ZMM -Madden Mobile and more gameplay!!! says:

Pls tell me this is 15 is there even draft champions? I play 15 on 360

El Maxoh says:

wow this is the SAME shit as Madden 25 !!!

AllPro777 says:

LOL. Did anyone else notice how it showed the Dolphins about to kickoff and it went to the Patriots kicking off? LOL!

Tiburon doesn’t give a SHIT about this version of the game anymore, LOL!

Meme says:

This i the same thing as 360’s version of madden 15

Mike Schepis says:

Does anyone have it for 360?? It’s like nothing has changed. Everything in this video is not coming up when I play. It’s all the exact same stuff that they had in 15. Same set up and everything. Am I missing something?

Cole Geddes says:

DO NOT BUY FOR XBOX 360! This game is literally Madden 15 with roster updates and a new screen when first turned on. Everything else on the 360 is exactly the same. From the soundtrack (or lack there-of), to the game-play, graphics, and layout. New gen consoles have some nice updates from Madden 15, but as for 360, do not buy. It’s the exact same game!

Hawthorne Ramage says:

if your looking for a good M16 lg on Xbox 360 join the lg “BetterBeActive”

Ryan Giocoli says:

EWWW this shit ugly


So is it madden 16 or naw

James Grinstead says:

Is this the last Madden game for the PS3?

AdmiralAwesomm says:

looks like xbox 1

FTSScullyGamZ 52 says:

I see no difference exept for different pictures for players and new players

Joshua Shockley says:

Madden 25

Stuartdouglas19 says:

I see they haven’t fixed the AI auto time outs (AI has to take timeout inside 1 minute regardless of situation) Seriously – no offense in the world would call time outs on that last drive.

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