Madden NFL 16 Gameplay (Seahawks vs Raiders)

Getting my Gaming up so i can start playing you guys online.

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Video by: Mick Arthur Wood

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PHAROAH Stone says:


Anthony P says:

Dude is speaking so softly. Wife must be sleeping.

Cole Gau says:

everyone be banging on how football is the shittiest and worst sport because it never made it out of the US… Thats a lie, i mean there are NFL games that are played in London. whats your favorite sport? soccer? talk to me when you feel like being a man. screw soccer. rugby is an intense sport, but rugby and the NFL are two different playing types. all because your good in Rugby does not mean youll be good in the nfl. Jarrod HAynes was a great rugby player, but sucks in the NFL.

Austin Luepkes says:

I think people that hate on football are the same people that were just butt hurt because in Highschool the football players got all the hot girls

TheKnowledgeThurst says:

Was entertaining before but later.

1st IMPACT says:

Game looks dope

LTgomez 72 says:

So many butthurt Europeans here. Stfu and leave our sport alone

Jerk McGert says:

+Kali Muscle also while you’re gaming you should just out inverted push ups and weighted shoulder raises. Thats what I do.

Spencer Stipe says:

You should play metal gear solid 5!

Dan Dewyea says:

Kali Muscle sucks at everything he does except doing steroids. This is the worst Madden performance i’ve ever seen.

Salvador Militello says:

Shittiest “sport” ever invented, I hope the NFL suffers the slowest and most painful death.
And it has actually started already because people are starting to be aware that this “sport” actually causes brain damage even at an amateur level.
And it’s false that this is played in Canada, that’s only because they have a league of a quite similar sport that is mostly composed of NFL rejects (there are barely a few actual canadians playing in it) and its attendance has been going down these last years (CFL is slowly dying too).
As your people get better standards of living they won’t need to get severe brain damage for a few bucks. So the only reason this motherfucking shit dangerous savage activity is still popular is because you have a big fraction of your black population that you try to keep poor just to give them no option but to play this shit.

NickYDGn says:

You look like Bruce Campbell. Use to play for the raiders lmao

Master7 says:

Thumbs up if you guys want to see Kali Muscle play EA Sports UFC!!

christian flanagan says:


stan broniszewski says:

Watching this is better than an actual game on television.

Slingshot master says:

I would like to see a whole game with you playing online.

Joe Mama says:

Woww how the game looks so real!

Tquilla Hawkins says:

kail don’t have no version

Nash Phillips says:

kail you are a role model to me and I am 11 and play football and I’m a center and linebacker also you started me weight liften you are a good YouTube keep up the good work

Travis Hutchinson says:

what up @KALIMUSCLE, Hey “BOY”,jk but for real for real a bro the reason your runs wit Marshawn ain’t hitting is because you not hitting the button to run nigga over or stiff arm fam go and check out the mini camp drills to learn all that extra stuff to help you make more highlights.peace good shit though

TheBambino2012 says:

u garbage bro

James Allen says:

Was at this game last week!!!

Seany Sean says:

I know you’re kinda new to gaming bruh… but phuck this was painful to watch.

Eldin Vucelj says:


thisguywhocamps1 says:


Cam The Man!!!! says:

u like the sea hawks, I like the Packers

Thesmileforthegun says:

Finally a game that won’t be painful to watch Kali play

Prince Of It says:

Kali you’re not doing full reps with your thumbs. KALI your eyes aren’t doing full reps. KALIIIIIIIIIIIIIII your controller is light weight.

Foreverwolf Fitness says:

Kali could play the Cole train in the gears of war film.

Emil Br says:

is this how You play american fotball just takel each never do anything else

Leo Kylin says:

Kali is my favorite Gaming Youtuber who doesn’t use cheats.

Mr Schlabotnik says:

Kali, you should start an account on

Your Ps4 can stream gameplay directly to the account/website, and people can watch gameplay live/chat with you/donate money/subscribe/etc…and since you already have 500k subscribers, you’d start out with quite a few regular viewers. It’s free to use anyway, so it’s worth a shot. Hit me up if you’d wanna do that, I can help you setup a layout/links to Twitter/YouTube/Instagram and all that.

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