Madden NFL 16 Gameplay #1 – Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton & Joe Flacco Take The Field

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Madden NFL 16 Gameplay #1 Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton & Joe Flacco Take the Field. First Impressions 1st & 2nd Qtr Gameplays. Passing, Catching & Defense.


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Thang Vu says:

More madden!!

Adavion McDonald says:

You set up hour coin toss choice and first possession  preference at the pre-game menu after you’ve selected your team.

Eric Fair says:

what roster are you using cause my rgiii has no sleeve …please help

ShadeHQ says:

This game just keep getting better lol. gameplay just looks amazing man. Can’t wait for the next upload shake.

stinkdog2006 says:

When the game is loading, in the bottom corner it says “Press X to skip to kickoff”. So don’t click anything so you can get to the coin toss! This feature is also in Madden 15.

Robbie Matthews says:

ya play until dawn

Christian Wilson says:

it’s called run after catch not RAC 🙂 🙂

Firenze says:

after two rushes the Baltimore’s halfback had run 9 yards each rush. what’s 9 plus 9? 18. the ravens were the third team shake played with. 18 plus 3 is 21. 21 divided by 7 is 3. a triangle has 3 sides. illuminati confirmed

Robbie Matthews says:

play untill dawn

Ray Box says:

I think it’s dumb without the coin toss. Like if I win, sometimes I feel like kicking and sometimes I feel like receiving

mars8254 says:

Im sure the gamplay is better, but they couldn’t put no work into the presentation. The game looks just like Madden 15. Same scoreboard, same animations.

Terrence Harrington says:

Best madden to date!

Omotoyinbo Omolara says:

rg3 lets go

AJ Kînğ Lýrïcãł Ğēniüs says:

You pick Heads or Tails while you pick your teams

MonteDaBoss says:

Great vid

Seth Allen says:

To jump over the defense hold Lt let go at press x on Xbox

rico terrortiNo says:

midnight release I stayed up for 24hours playing I havnt done that since ray lewis on the cover

Catrelle Reed says:

number 86 on the red skins has the same last name as me

TheRealBrayo says:

I feel like they should’ve changed the background beats! It’s been the same for a while

Jaythedrummer228 says:

Glad to see the Panthers being used by you first shake!

Mustafa Alkhawaja says:

some panther love! I love u shake

drohoe1 says:

No Xb1 Gears of war1 multiplayer Shake?

Captain N says:


Prince Mack says:

Madden 16 is sweet

Thang Vu says:

Draft champion

Sherwin Shahin says:

Play for the Houston Texans

FaZe Capton says:

Shake get on the 360 again

Thang Vu says:

Player mode

one eyed maurice says:

just got madden 15 fpr $3 ,, nd this looks exactly the same

Robbie Matthews says:

you will love it

Courtney's Zone!!! says:

Go Ravens! Glad Shake had a chance to play with my boys!!!✌️

Rance M says:

I hate the way players run on 15&16 on next gen. shit looks horrible

Anthony Baker says:

Yes!! Madden from Shake, its been a while

Nate Harris says:

You can change your coin toss in settings you pick heads or tails and if you win you pick D or O but it’s all automatic

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