MADDEN NFL 15 PS4 Full Gameplay: Packers vs Seahawks – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation



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MADDEN NFL 15 PS4: Packers vs Seahawks – Week 1 NFL Regular Season Matchup Simulation


I make YouTube gaming videos. NBA 2K is one of my most popular series, but I play other games too such as Grand Theft Auto series, Madden series, EA SPORTS UFC series, Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Need for Speed series & Saints Row series. I am sponsored by AstroGaming, ElgatoGaming & BigShotModz.


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Damarrion Wilson says:

damarrion Wilsonand then we have a lot of Madden NFL players

Nole Universe Informer says:

honestly look like 16

Fidencio Matinez Otero says:

witch team are you

Renato Martins says:


Nice Video Bro AKA TheAwesome says:

I love the steelers but now the Seahawks are winning

Nole Universe Informer says:

ps3 does not get the good stuff no more sadly

BenlikesJam says:

bananas taste good. i bet my purple helmet is eating your teeth

Fizaan Hussain says:

it’s Ramadan

Adrian Banda says:

Green Bay sucks

Joe Rivet says:

How come madden games never include a story mode where you have to make your way through training camp without getting cut or play hard enough to get drafted. I think that’d be cool.

Abdullahi Osman says:

I like your video cuz I am a Seahawks fan.

Isaiah Steward says:

Go Seahawks !

tyquan nelson says:

1v1 me some body on p4

PackNzone Madness says:

please watch my videos new and exiting to share and have fun. fails and big plays

FryCost says:

Final: Seattle- 13. Green Bay- 7

Archonshooter Shooter says:

I am a gigantic Seahawks fan

Brock Lesnar says:

This is better then soccer

Janet Dulaney says:

holy shit you shit your pants

Erika Solis says:

es tan locos

Jay The Hibred says:

compared to the 1 this looks like its still on the ps3… graphics are garbage compared to xbox.. and im a sad sony customer.. 

Framedropstation 3.1 says:

Packers should have gotten that W

Carrie George says:

if you have Madden 16 play with me

phyllis gray says:

go seahawks

Jetzabel Rosario says:
Mason Vincent says:

YOU SUCK SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Mayer says:

Can you do Cowboys vs Texans for Super Bowl Please!!! P.S. Be the Texans!!

Daniel Pacheco says:
mrtakedown200 says:

whats the song at half time

Sylvain Rambaud says:

im confused is he actually playing or. idk

Yafatu Kamara says:

Www we

Ralston1980 says:

u know what fuck all u guys who like the seafucks

Melissa Shore says:

i love the seahawaks

Amanda Goldstein says:
DarknessGaming says:

even ea knows the the seahawks r the best

frank slager says:

let’s go seahawks

Aaron Tran says:

Does madden 25 have better graphics?

EZ GoinGamers says:

My girlfriend loves playing as the Bengals. Madden has really pumped this game up a notch!

Rilla Frank says:

+GameFaceStudios Thanks for the upload i’m getting ps4 soon & this will determine if madden 15 is a game I will buy

o Gre11z says:

Lol 13-7 is such a under estimated simulation.

Liam Andrews says:

Good thing I didn’t buy this cause it looks like Madden 12

Talita Bigelow says:

Seatel will win

Carrie George says:

what is your name

DaMon Mayers says:


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