Madden NFL 15 Gameplay – Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

Madden 15 Gameplay (Madden NFL 15 Next-Gen) Featuring Seahawks vs 49ers! Madden 15 is back and better then ever! In this gameplay I will be playing with the San Francisco 49ers. Be sure to let me know what you like about the game down in the comments section!

EA Let me play this at E3 and it’s still an alpha build! (Work in Progress)

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Geschäftsmann says:

1:11 i hear that song everywhere but i dont know the name. Does someone know it?

Lucas G. says:

To bad the 49ers can’t play like they can in this game.

Kobie Marrs says:


dieauferstehung says:

Every game shows tattooos except fifa

Ffhbdh Fugcjjv says:

On xbox 360 theres is less new stuff than new gen i dont even have that orange ring around my player on kick offs or jump snaps just this thing where u press a a bunch

Kamal Irving says:

how do you do the celebration

Barbara Watkins says:

Why didn’t rally talk

beastgamer9991 says:

Still the same shit

nicholsky salvant says:

1:10 I watched this

4STIXIA says:

i come here from blue mountain state 😛
the american football sucks is weird nothning like the original football!

Prestige Legit says:


Di Sidailah says:

Tu voz me daña el cerebro

andreas casanova says:


Charles lamb says:

Someone play with Seattle Seahawks

Tabbah2 says:

such a shite game

Taegyoon Kim says:

fifa is horrible compared to this

Константин Саенко says:

the dumbiest sport in the world….

Tie M says:

Graphics are way better than xbox 360

RadKozy says:

The graphics for this game suck and it’s unrealistic as hell!

Benjamin Kayne says:


VectorOmega says:

“It’s the NFL on EA Sports…and soon…the new EA Sports Network on cable and satellite as part of your current package. EA Sports 1, 2 and 3 soon, with 4 and 5 to come!”

King Jayy says:

Can someone help me I just bought madden 15 and kaepernick doesn’t have tattoo..

Darin Mcvey says:

i liked that video i want madden so bad

raul elque te'cogio enel'baul says:

mmm, the movements of the players is so robotic….. sorry for my lenguaje

Wesleigh Styles says:

This guy loves he sound of his own voice

Brad Manning says:

Wow you can play on pro difficulty lol good for you

clash PROD says:

i have to quit this game i spent over 500 dollars on cards, broke the cd 1 already, and broke 2 controllers, i’m quitting, but i do want some compensation back so i have 94 calvin johnson by far the best reciever cus his height advantage.. i don’t care if there is a 95 chris carter… calvin is better.. anyways.. i have the 94 mack ROLB 94 pierre paul RE 97 legend Atwater at FS and many more. 92 ovr team ranking… i want to sell them preferably in a package deal.. this is not a scam i just want to get a little bit of money back from this game that sucked me in so bad if you are interested please send me a message

Lucas Cossenzo says:

17 x 7

Gui Galeazzi says:

the running animation kiiiinda sux :/

Pau Bale says:

NFL are for pussies, these guys should try playing Rugby.

Keith Nguyen says:


Peppa Shrimp says:

Amazing graphics!!! Looks like reality. I’ll buy it soon.

Dontrell Lee says:

Dude fliped

TW Films says:

I got to meet Rg111

Bia Bozo says:

1:11 song?

Jerome Boone says:

Seattle would win in real life

Monkey Boy says:

I was hanging out with an insider, one of the game developers from EA and he admitted to me that they were paid to make the 49ers easily beat the hawks. Most of the pedophiles and homosexuals who work at EA are from the bay area so they are naturally seahawk haters. They purposely overpowered the 49ers against the hawks. These fucking queer fucks need their asses kicked for ripping millions of people off with illegitimate games we pay good money and waste time on what we think is fair online competition. He also agreed that Seahawks were underpowered but not enough to notice as we see morons think the hawks D is overpowered. lol People are so fucking weak if they think the hawks D is overpowered on this game. He smiled when I asked him if they’re were people who worked on Madden who were either paid or bias towards the hawks and favored some other teams. Then he said, “Underpowering isnt all we did to the hawks.”. When I asked, How bout Wilson and Lynch fumbling. He smiled again. I told him, “I knew it cause that’s all that keeps happening when I play the faggot loving 49ers. He smiled again and said “yep, and we even have it programmed to do it more when you’re playing the 49ers. That’s all the answers I needed to hear to know this game is officially rigged and completely unfair to people who want to play legitimate only competition.
For all you 49er fans, sorry but your team is weak in the real world and even weaker on madden for the fact they need a boost from cock riding EA developers Only a retard would keep playing a game that you know is a complete fraud.

I will never be silent about this nor ever fund EA on anything ever again. I hope everyone of these EA faggots get whats coming to them. They think it’s cute and funny while we blow our hard earned money and expect honest gameplay and it’s not.

cleosing says:


daniel vandusky says:

i love your videos

Tommy Litch says:

You need to stop commentating the gameplay; completely ruins it. And you’re also making yourself sound completely stupid trying to do so.

josé emanuel says:


wyatt young says:

It looks nothing like the real game I have it

Prestige Legit says:

Do you have PS3

Mason Rogers says:

is this pc

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