Madden Mobile 16 NFL Draft Master Jared Goff!! Review & Game-Play!!

Madden Mobile 16 NFL Draft Master Jared Goff!! Gameplay!



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Kinglion7 says:

can anyone see the poor quality

Da reel MVP says:

An actual review would be with 90 I’ve or lower qbs

Ant Man says:

noobkill will never have beef with anyone lol

SurpriseVids says:

Hey next time maybe show you putting him into the lineup. Id like to see how much he boosts the overall and each players stats

No Name says:

Ea waste of a 99 rated in my opinion. Not like it matters because it’s a game but I think he won’t be very good,because rookies should never play there first season just so they can learn the playbook like Rodgers.

gregory lupu says:

I’m good with the PH Brady, just as good and easier to get.

Kinglion7 says:

is golf injured


I got intro now

OJB 97 says:

I remember I was soo mad when Mike Vicks Boss card dropped to 3mil cause I bought it for 6, then I sold it during the glitch for 9mil! bought him back for 3mil, bought GT Clowney for 4mil then sold him for 7m. I’ve been making bank lately.

KingGamer KingGamer says:

Madden mobile is old so play fifa now

yaboi says:

Tf is a homerun touchdown ?

Logan Allen says:

It’s a really dope card

Legion Of Doom says:


Juan Cotton says:

Go Dolphins

Ptolemy Parry says:

200th like

Rian says:

Noobkill u dont have to listen to me, but Seam 678 works if u wait a little… always look for the TE

Oumar Manneh says:

Squad Review please

Dan MacMillan says:

I hate how they gave goff +4 catch and awareness which is one less then what Odell gives and Odell is one hell of a fucking grind and you can just pay for slightly less boosted stats on a QB

Sebastien Pearson says:

My League is tier 7 with Hester under 200 games message me if you want to join

bro co says:

Calm down…you commentate like it’s a real nfl game

Brandon Brozosky says:

When he says Jared Goff it sounds like Jerk Off

Walid G says:

Can I join someone league with tier 5 I’m 96

Jeremiah Steng says:

Thx for the vid as I will now not waste my coins and time on goff and Vick

Rian says:

Can u review campus hero Hester WR?

Im in between names. Suggest one if you want says:

Goff is WAY too expensive for me so I guess I’m sticking with combine rg3

Boomer Pierce says:

Need a league I’m a 100 ovr. Have 13 million fans. Must play league tourneys and be a top 500 league. Have all 3 league players

Hunter Land says:

does anyone have a League thatis close to any of the league vs league players assholes i mylast league kicked me ot right before we got them im a 91 overall DM to see my team instagram is hunterland123

Nick Hocin says:

my Julius Thomas odelled the ball

Jason Christman says:

is a higher over all better than a slightly lower player with a boost? mvp reward tom brady vs 99 vick/ brady?

Brenden Kakol says:

yo noobkill do you know why ea doesnt put up nfl domination anymore? i only see gauntlet…

kareem yousef says:

Change ur lame intro plz

vIRTUAL Reaperz says:

Anybody in a leauge close to emmit in tier7 im a 96 ovr

Jamie Morris says:

you coulda just bought Goff for 4.5m

Randy Rejouis says:

desean was going off

Eduardo Salazar says:

maybe play a little decent and he wont seem like a sucky card

Legion Of Doom says:

bro before that bs coin glitch debut knee was only 270k so the Goff set was only 1.3 million f hackers

Oumar Manneh says:

noobkill when will we get that Peyton Manning card on Madden Mobile because the console haves it.

JCNA007 - NBA Live Mobile & Madden Mobile says:

Goff should make the defense worry a bit making Todd Gurley even better!

T .Lu says:

I really want Jared goff

Enriquerav92 says:

If anyone needs a great WR get the 98 Mike Evans final edition I have played 5 games with him he is a beast

Will says:

With Geoff, you can’t say his feet are “bad” because your used to playing with Michael Vick, who’s crazy good on his feet. That’s my opinion.

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