Madden 17 Gameplay Trailer Analysis: Blitz Improvements – Hands On Madden NFL 17

In Madden NFL 17 many of the blitzes that were useless in the past now actually work. We take a look at the latest gameplay trailer which focuses on Madden 17 Blitzes.

Shout out to @jpdavis1982 for the equipment tip!

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The game is set to release on August 23rd this year. As usual EA Access members on the Xbox One can try Madden NFL 17 before it’s released for a limited time as part of a Play First Trial, this is only on Xbox One.

EA will not be at E3 this year but will have their own function “EA Play” which we will be at to show you guys the newest features and gameplay from Madden 17, just like we did last year for the subs that have been with us from the beginning.


To help out during the run game, users can turn on the optional Threat Cone, which looks like last year’s Tackle Cone. Through this the game calculates the angle and distance of an oncoming defender, figures out the ball carrier’s special move ratings and what he’s good at, and prompts the player to push the appropriate button (like spin move, juke, stiff arm, etc.) at the right time.

Special moves also breakout into four categories. Sprint moves (R-trigger + special move) are fast moves that only work against one defender at a time. Standard moves (no modifying button + special move) are slower and work against multiple defenders. Precision moves (L-trigger + special move) are the slowest moves you can make, but can be used to fake out unlimited defenders. Finally, steerable moves (both triggers + special move) are the most controllable since you can point the direction you want to go in (although spins, jukes, back jukes, and trucks are not steerable).

Tackle Battles are also controlled by ratings this year. If you’re being gang tackled you have a short window to hit a specific button prompt to break out of the gang tackle. This was done automatically last year. Hitting the Tackle Battle button also applies to defenders making the tackle.


After years of trying, Madden 16’s physics finally brought more realism to the game’s hits and tackles. However, Dickson admits not everything on the field got converted to the new physics system, such as the football itself. Now he says the ball is in the “same universe” as the players.

For years the ball would snap to a player’s hand in a catch even though in the process the ball might be pulled through a defender. Now it will collide with body parts and be knocked out when appropriate.

Since the ball is reacting to more objects, there are more drops for receivers in traffic, and initiating a possession catch in traffic (and alternately not doing run-after-catch in traffic) is more important.

Since there is no scripting for the path of the ball, it bounces differently after tips. EA made new animations for reacting to tips, attempted and successful fumble recoveries, and knee/ankle/sliding catches. Also, the player models can move their arms better to track the ball.


The defenders’ gap awareness now means that offensive linemen must zone block defenders coming through those gaps. This is not only an added AI responsibility, but it also enables the creation of cutback lanes for running backs. It will be interesting to see how linemen respond to defenders attacking gaps, and whether identifying defenders on the edge and in space is something they can do this year.


EA is redoing players’ cleats and gloves, and offering new sleeve options.


UCANTCEEME Gamer says:

Yoooo! Great info Man! I’m glad their making improvements to the blitz. I may have to grab this one!

gaming of gm says:


thuglifezeem716 says:

Damn they need to fix that throwing motion that’s the same shit from forever ago hope they fix it if you have a throwing motion you don’t throw like that

Tyrone Biggums says:

No more unrealistic nano blitzes yayyyyy!!

therealpanda says:

2:20 is that a new helmet on the chargers #20

Jeshawn Perry says:

do u know any news on madden 17 for last gen?

Magic Toaster says:

I’m hyped for this game!

Devin Cooper says:

Man I’m just hyped for the new cleats and one arm sleeves

James Sandi says:

there showing everything but career mode.that must mean it’s gonna suck again

Video Game Guru says:

This looks like 16 lol
sad how little changes are worthy of $90 Flipping BS

Colton Ross says:

I know this is small, but I dont like how all the strong flood concept plays are called strong flood. there should be a variety

GamingSportsFreak says:

just found your Paige good shit bro

loi234_hi says:

what are the new features and injures in franchise mode

Krazy Uncle says:

What’s up SGO. We appreciate the info for Madden 17. Any chance you could ask the devs about the “fli-flicker” play? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in a madden game before.

TheColorBlack says:

you sure this isn’t Madden 16 ; )

Jacoby Seawright says:

Same damn game. Nothing exciting

Sonic13128 says:

It looks like he was playing the receiver because he never looked at the ball.

jalen parks says:

ayyye i peep tht music in tha backgroung odd future fan

Flashtastic says:

In career mode will you be able to enter a draft, and get drafted by a team like in they used to?

mrbaseballfan5 says:

Still have those same throwing motions it seems like

Pablo Diaz says:

Your videos are very informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work!

GNS GANG24 says:

Second need to ask you something man

Eric Lewis says:

I’m tired of my d line not sacking when its a perfect opportunity, then they move backward only to get blocked.

Davon Green says:

did anybody recognize da cam newton cleats

Strictly patriots says:

will there be any old features like create a play or create a team

Waylon Felter says:

so what i’ve seen from this game is a vast improvement to what of madden 16 other then the body shape and stuff. i had no issue with that at all, what i had an issue with was the equipment like i would love to see one sleeves and stuff. i realise that have issues with this but if it were try why does RG3 have a 1 sleeve? also i see new helmet i’ve been waiting for for 3 years(finally) new gloves and cleats, thats awesome that gets my excited to have team authentic stuff, but i also see defenders trying to avoid block, will we perhaps see a running back no run into the Lineman, or lineman tripping up my QB causing a sack. also i would love to actually see computer(AI) players avoid contact on punt return i watch simulated games alot and i see a punt return the returner like.. say lucky whitehead or Tavon Austin would run directly into a barrage of other team players and get tackled. i would love to see some actual ability or AI smarts avoiding defenders on returns.

Wayne Day says:

I like the info very much and keep up the good work but, as long as your able to individually adjust assignments on defense nano blitzing will always be in the game. I know how to pick them up but it is unrealistic when your opponent uses one all game even when your beating it. Its very boring and the competitive nature in the community becomes a joke when your not exposing match ups or out smarting someone your abusing the individual adjustments to create unrealistic constant confusion of the OL. I say take out individual assignments on both sides of the ball and leave players to their audibles and ability to make reads. I have played every MADDEN ever created and that is my opinion.

Brandon Pitzer Raiders says:


Bro4510 says:

but where is NCAA football EA?

lattered says:

Man the beats on these vids are always on point

Gerald Green says:

So aggressive catch will always be broken in mut and when everyone has a 94 plus WR it’s no reason to try.

Larry McCormick says:

thank god

William Totty says:

Hopefully they fix the arm going through Cam. I want realistic wr/db interactions. Also, I want just the slightest bit of news about Franchise Mode.

Joey Bates says:

Lol people who dont watch football gone still scream nano when a guy get in free

Mario Cox says:

But that agressive catch tho. Smh

Krimmpity Kromp says:

you are the best sports resource channel ever thank you

Zaire Wright says:

where is CFM or are they going to start talking bout that later

SwagDaddy T says:

1:51 nope im good on madden 17

Nealgood14 says:

They need to make NFL streets 4 or 3 remastered for next gen …spread the word

Jay Boss2000 says:

Welp this is one of my favorite sports gaming channels now.

Nico belltrain says:

What exactly is a nano blitz

King Kevin says:

Waiting for this joint so bad

BrandoniTheGreat says:

About time they make blitzes work. Wish the aggressive catch was gone but everything else seems legit so far.

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