MADDEN 17 GAMEPLAY – 5 Things You MUST Know

The first Madden 17 gameplay news has been released along with a brand new trailer. Find out the five things you need to know about Madden 17, and if the biggest items from you wishlist made it into the game.

Madden NFL 17 will feature Rob Gronkowski on the cover of the game and have a brand new franchise mode, defensive AI improvements, trick plays & new equipment. Players will even have unique moves that they can do based on their attributes that unlock special jukes, trucks, or stiff arms.

Madden NFL 17 releases for the Xbox One & Playstation 4 on August 23rd.

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alex youno says:

What about Troy jumping over the line. Anyone

Damar Jenkins says:

Great video man, I’m happy to here about the new defensive changes on Madden 17 because it is damn near impossible to play defense on 16 lol.

TheTwoToneRebel says:

Madden 17 needs a story in MyPlayer mode like 2k.

Ziokz says:

They need the speed flex helmets. Better Franchise mode/Career mode. Different color visors and a lot more but it will not surprise me if they aren’t in here.

FifaPRg says:

Practice Squads in Madden CFM *____*

Ethan Clark says:

I’m not to fond of cam newton but he did amazing last year why isn’t he the cover of madden??

Miciah Byrd says:

yo any off yall notice that Derell Revis is wearing jordan 12’s but the cleat version, pause the video at the 2:00 minute mark

New York Giants Blood!!!! says:

I wish they would add more commentary teams like one for the 1:00 games one for the 3:30 games and primetime games in franchise mode. Add more breakdowns to the game and bring back the score ticker and extra point.

Justin Ewing says:

Not buying another madden game until they do what 2k16 did and they have an actual story with career mode.

milkshake HD says:

One thing that I got pissed off at in madden 16 is you would have in franchise owner mode a 99 overall Le’Veon Bell and since the AI would always choose the best play and how would they know that your gonna onside kick it at a weird moment? It makes the best running back useless that 70 overalls beat them in offence.

Underground Revolution says:


dalton carter says:

wish ncaa18 was coming

Moss Man says:

Riddell SpeedFlex? No?

Matthew Squad says:

is it a story mode in Madden 17

Akeem Long says:

Do y’all realize it’s the exact same game every year this is really a waste of time

Robin Alfengård says:

I would really like to see tattoos added to the players. I know it’s just a detail but it really brings authenticity to the game. I mean just look at the NBA 2k series.

Hayden Stapp says:

I could never be more happier to earn money to preorder madden I saw the new gear like speedflex addidas nike and underarmour lowtops and hopefully they have were you can change out your cleats in connected franchise I hope madden 17 is going to be the best one yet and hopefully they will have a my career kind of with a 2k feel. Oh yeah and hopefully they have the Cam Newton cleats and create your own in 2k just like cleat creator and a mut team creator and helmets come off and hopefully your undershirts are name brand ( under amrour shirts) hopefully your player is fully customizable with .better shmutt and tattoes and hopefully you can get drafted in connected franchise . and if they come out with ncaa 16 or 17 you can convert your character to madden or jut do what 2k did high school college to nfl.

Everette Ward says:

Nice video

Jedi Jesus says:

Madden 15 looks great….oh wait..that’s madden 17

Dammuon Epps says:

i wanted the half padded sleeves not just one whole sleeve

Corey Dallas says:

ea should add my career like 2k does or something like it

Miciah Byrd says:

i wonder if they will be available to wear in franchise mode

Jusdoe Dejesus says:

I hope they put 4 player co-op for franchise mode. Online and of offline as a private match, i have a whole bunch of ideas i would love to share.

Damar Jenkins says:

Also they should do something they haven’t done in a very long time which is bring back the historic teams. I loved playing with and against those historic teams.

NANO Unknown says:

what about the curse?

Chris Strength says:

What about new team outfits like the yellow outfit for rams or red outfit for buccaneers

Caleb Weidler says:

I’m so happy with new helmets,gloves and cleats in the game to make it authentic


It might just be me but I honestly don’t think that Antonio Brown could stiff arm Von Miller.

Michael Busby says:

Will draft champion be back


asked for 300 likes got a thousand

Johnny YK says:

I want something like 2k has where u can go from high school to college then into the nfl that would be excellent but other than that this game looks awesome


I would like to see players and team stats on MUT

Leap says:

they say that every year with the defense but it still plays like shit lol

Nealgood14 says:

They need to make NFL streets 4 or 3 remastered for next gen …spread the word

Michael Busby says:

Will draft champion be back

The_Boss says:

Is there going to be Draft Champions???

MethodX18 says:

Wtf madden is just now getting 1 arm sleeves? NCAA Football 14 already had them lol. All you had to do is edit your players to get the one arm sleeves

Ty Shaw says:

Wheres the half-time show?lol

AkilTheAwesome says:

When the bring back the REAL superstar mode, that is when I play this disgraceful excuse of a football game. Damn shame that Madden 07 is STILL my favorite.

Omega8kilo says:

Ya ya ya…. We here all this same shit every year and then it comes out and it the same as last year….yawn

Noel Boucher says:

In connected franchise they should really let you override cpu trades like you can in 2k

The SteelerFan says:


Larry Legend1 says:

still no jersey edits ugghhhhh.

Alex Dr Mac says:

dude you give the nest info yet I’m a sub now

NYC_All_Stars says:

Adidas and under armour been in madden

Bido says:

Will there be tattoos

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