Madden 17 :: DeMarco Murray Returns To Dallas! Titans Vs. Cowboys :: Madden NFL 17 Online Gameplay

Madden 17 :: DeMarco Murray Returns To Dallas! Titans Vs. Cowboys :: Madden NFL 17 Online Gameplay

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Devin Ewer says:

I’m the 100 th like

Adro says:

So much Coughing GS

manwithaplan125 says:

Regs are my favorite thing in madden been a fan and sub for over 2 years keep it up

macdoman1996 says:

*talks about how bad his opponent is*
*missses PAT*

Aaron Joseph says:

Your quality so shit

bignardo95 says:

I disagree. its the opposite. The defensive play is extremely easy when you sit off in the middle with the MLB or back at saftey. Because all you have to do (especially if you play online with all player help settings turned on. i don’t) is cheez with the switch button, the swat and aggressive INT buttons. When you control the D-Line you have to guage if your getting pressure on the QB or a sack. Then keep eyes down field for the open WR, switch to make ajustments or make a play for the swat or the int. it takes split second stick skills to play great defense like that and it makes the game more fun than just sitting back and following the open man or ball hawking to the RB. if the online games defaulted to All Madden i could see sitting back a little more with all the settings turned on for lesser players, but i think your wrong about this one. Real Madden skill is based on the more you can manually do. Not Cheezing, which is what a large majority of players like you do on defense.

Matt Van Nort says:

I dont get how you just go in and win games like I cant even win 3 games in a row on here, Last year i did really good but this year its just like trash

OG spaz says:


GoldenSymbiote says:

No offense but how is it you ALWAYS have a cough? Its like does it ever go away?

TheGamerGuy9 says:


Sage K says:

I disagree with your comment about user controlling the defensive line. If you can get a good jump and time the power/finesse move correctly, you can get to the QB in a hurry. It only takes 1 sack to ruin a drive.

Henrik Lundqvist says:

GS please release some franchise mode

JayHitEmUp95_ says:

On your MrGoldenMut account you always go for it on 4th down

Imran Popal says:

keep the park 2k comin

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