Madden 17 Career Mode Gameplay – NFL DEBUT! ANKLE BREAKER INJURY REVENGE! Ep. 2

Madden 17 Career Mode Gameplay crazy NFL debut against the Patriots! Should this be a series?
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Welcome to my Madden 17 Connected Franchise Career Mode series featuring my Mobile QB Marcus Gento! Watch as we embark in our road to the Superbowl!!

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Amaraca123 says:

Why didn’t you call a timeout?

Victory Ulasi says:

when u threw the int to butler fitsgerald was completely open u shlda hit him nice vid tho I SUBBED

Jacob Cervantes says:

That’s exactly why Seahawks passed it lol

atarigen says:

two quick patriots touchdowns I guess Brady isn’t suspended in the game

Joshuaman098 says:

You should’ve called that timeout Gento!

xFauGamingChannel says:

timeout would of been good

Jamichael Stillwell says:

change ur number

Jonathon Taylor-Houston says:

7:34 he could have easliy gotten Larry Fitzgerald his 100 touchdown

Elijuwon taylor says:

Fitz was open multiple times but it cool cause you was still throwing dots

Louis Cardillo says:

call a time out u dumb fuck

Ben Moore says:

Just sayin you should have called a timeout but it was still a good video

Kobe Daza says:

go with the niners playbook in playaction press x its deadly

Swisha City says:

QB # 24!?

Justice Thomas says:

your Dumb

Sultan Miakhil says:

I liked you and suscribed your my favorite youtuber

leroyfj says:

Call a TO

Aiden Quinones says:

that time when u threw a unt fitz was butt naked

Samuel Green says:

why is ur number 24

Alex Smith says:


Dez Watts says:

Change your number

kbthatboywiththadab says:

He was saying he wants Fitz to score, but he had him open like 5 times on touchdown routes

KingReese says:

Dude you made terrible decision that entire game

Keyron Williams says:

bruh when u threw that pick to Floyd Larry was wide open

IsweggRavens 52 says:

Bruh why u 24 that’s a corner back numbet

Nwa fan 05 says:

If you can call a timeout

that would be great

Milton Verseman says:


Noah Pownall says:

Some of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen

Benton_Mychael says:

do more game play vids

Kamal Porter says:

Gento why did you choose 24 as your qb number?

Linda Shuey says:

Larry fiz was opened a lot of times

Greatness Aiku says:

gento is beast

Damon the beast bishop says:

your dumb u should of called a timeout u had 1 more

Tyree Rhodes says:

At 7:30 fitzgerald was wide open lol and you thru a pick

Dylan Morgenstern says:

Go pats!!!!

Louis Cardillo says:

fucking trash

Jaisowavy Tv says:

why not call a timeout?? u gotta think

Sulaiman Saadat says:

change the number tho

Andrew Stanfel says:

So close Gento, can’t say im not happy my patriots beat you though


do u ever run

Travian Mitchell says:

Hey Gento this is Travian or my DragonBall Z name Golu, speaking of, did you hear about the new Dragonball Z Xenoverse 2, me and my crew thought if you could the walkthough for us

TC3 says:

wow playing on pro I see

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