Madden 16 :: Stop Disrespecting Me! ::-XBOX ONE Madden NFL 16 Online Gameplay Giants Vs. Bills

Madden 16 :: Stop Disrespecting Me! ::-XBOX ONE Madden NFL 16 Online Gameplay Giants Vs. Colts

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Tyrann Mathieu says:

Patriots playbook is my favorite

GS1029 says:

And my name is suppost to be GS lmao

Jim Bean says:

told yall in online real madden no 99 OBJ mut then GS is trash

jackson smith says:

GS stopping someone before half time is this a fake video

allTarheels says:

GS the Giants shotgun plays suck people use the Giants playbook for single back and i form, and it’s not great for that either.

Jim Bean says:

GS sounded like a lil bitch all game

xx_link says:

Falcons playbook is my favorite

Triggered says:

I remember accidentally using the Giants playbook in Madden 25 (Picked ’em, and forgot to switch it to a playbook I liked). I won, but I only scored 9 points. My opponent was a defensive genius, but he went full retard on offense. He’d continually go for it on 4th down in field goal range and fail to convert, giving me the ball back, and giving me a chance to run the clock. Had he just kicked one field goal, he would’ve won.

Gabriel San Miguel says:

Future challenge: use the Giants’ playbook.

anthony palazzolo says:

Gs u decide to go up against an og while playing with my giants

Robert Goldhirsch says:

It’s 2015! And Nelson machlittle has a house phone! Har de har har

Clorox Bleach says:

giants vs bills*

Jim Bean says:

lmao after this game GS told the guy come see me at mut i bet i beat u there lol

Blooper says:

i have 60-8 season with the giants playbook. sooooo idk maybe some people are just good with some playbooks.

HottyToddy2020 says:

I can definitely support your claim of the Giants having the worst playbook. I’m in an online franchise with my friend, he is using the Redskins and I am using the Giants. We run our team play books and I despise the Giants playbook




Kyan Smith says:

you have dam 9999phone

Mako Hypercoaster says:

I have a house phone. Its ok GS

Bryce says:

Please help, I have a Xbox one and play madden 16 but myn looks a lot like Xbox 360 and that it’s brighter help?

isas waxter says:

play that guy again he was to cocky

PackerManForLife says:

But GS, all you need to do is call a play action and slide protect the line to stop a blitz you said??

Mr.302Plays says:

Hey Eli manning threw all them pics because he’s a gun slinger lol

nichous says:

When I have a good, power run team, I love the NYG playbook. The I forms are pretty good. Hope that missed call on your land line doesn’t lead to any cancelled magazine subscriptions or problems with your BGM membership.

Joe Clark says:

tough game bro

solonyg says:

Lol why y’all think the Giants doing so terrible? Cause our offensive coordinator is some fucking ass

Mr.Buckets says:

I wish I had more time to enjoy your videos

Sergio Garcia says:

Why the fuck do u suck so fucking bad Ik it’s because of the playbook but ur like a pro at this game and btw/y tf do u post games that u lose in I just waste my time for nothing

Kyan Smith says:


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