Madden 16-GAME OF THE YEAR! UNBELIEVABLE!-Madden NFL 16 Online Gameplay Redskins Vs. Ravens

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Madden 16 :: GAME OF THE YEAR! UNBELIEVABLE! ::-XBOX ONE Madden NFL 16 Online Gameplay Redskins Vs. Ravens

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Anthony Green says:

that was a good ASS game

Jesus Ralph says:

On your last field goal on 4th, the clock was running and you could have ran it down 35 seconds more, to only leave him with about 26-27 seconds. Good game anyways! At least you got the “W”!

Jermain Hayes says:

gs your good

nobody 78935 says:

I don’t like how u say DONT TEST THE user instead of DONT TEST DA USAAAAAAA

Fargo JR says:

Should’ve put matt jones and Chris Thompson at rb

Rj Johnson says:

Jordan with birch

Drew Tenbarge says:

You should do a career mode as a linebacker and just try to intercept passes

Shrujan Velpula says:

You are amazing

Frank Lubatti says:

wow awesome video!

Furgiesan187 says:

I love gs but I swear to god every game with the title (game of the year) or (amazeing game) he always win or I could be wrong

Greg Schleer says:

this nigga Gs is a fat spic that lives on madden he should be way better lol!

wendizzle says:

httf fuck da ravens 410

Timmy Williams says:

was looking forward to this game all night! Great game!

360wiiguy says:

I think your wrong about that turbo a gab gs. Anyone that send that is a no good dirt bag. Yes, slide protecting left stops it but turbo blitzes are soooooo low. Most of “nano” blitz are respectable. But the turbo blitzes are for dirt bags. Thanks madden turf

Deion OG says:

the only people who complain about “blitzes” and “nanos” are the people who don’t know how to adjust and shouldn’t play online and just stick to connected franchise against the cpu

xBTFx xGAMINGx says:

This me he played in the past gg GS what a game

Joneseeyyy says:


Papa John says:

The way he said Oh My God was actually hilarious at the very start of the video

H a r r y sTrEaMs says:

u do know u can go to the depth chart put in Robert griffin 3

Rapter1139 says:

did u try pinching the o-line gs?

SAL thelocksmith says:

How do you set up this turbo blitz. Anyone know?

Daniel Menndoza says:

Why are Djax and perriman starting, aren’t they both injured?

EpicEeveelutions says:

GS! You getting the FG with a minute left may have been a blessing. As you probably already know, you go offsides and block a kick as time expires in a half, the penalty doesn’t count and the game will end

Mako Hypercoaster says:

Thanks for playin with my skins GS!

Drew Blaze says:

honestly GS I think your great at madden, your hell of a lot better than me lol, that’s what makes you entertaining


Could have waisted more clock at the end field goal. Lol

Fritz Auction Services says:

why dont you do career mode for once

Eric Johnson says:

Great Game GS

Colby Brothers says:

1 timeout

Freddy Elizalde says:

Give credit where credit is due! Well deserver I feel the same way

TheCrazy8Gamer says:

I’m sorry, but idk how this is “Game of the year”. I mean it just seemed like a regular old Madden game, but what ever…

Colin Kaepernick #BLM #AfroKaep says:

GS if you say you aren’t great, you must be in between good-great. You are better than good at the game.

Colby Brothers says:

no speed d acks rg3

Austin Cox says:

dude play as detroit plz bro

Maxima Gang says:

Dude my fucking linemen never block for me properly. They rarely block tosses correctly, always have to cut back inside. They rarely block Counter runs properly, somehow they always run past the edge defender and don’t even notice him. It’s gay Idk why EA programs my linemen to suck at blocking.

niegel kelly says:

5:45 wanted to give the training day speech about his madden skills

Adonias Belay says:

Great vid gs! Wish Morris could run like that in real life lol he gets no carries now

Connor Cunningham says:

That waant as good as i was expecting

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