Madden 15 vs ESPN NFL 2k5 Full Gameplay Comparison

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Here I put Madden 15 and ESPN NFL 2k5 head to head so you can watch and compare a full game of the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Dallas Cowboys. Giving the 10 year difference, what do you think is better?

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Alonzo Mcintyre says:

Should I buy 2k 5? R the controls good? I still have a ps2 but im so used to madden controls that I couldn’t enjoy all pro 2k 8

Rodriguez Sounds says:

The only way we get 2k back is by not purchasing Madden.

SuperXaster says:

NFL 2k5 is like the battlefield version of a football game, realistic and fun. While madden is the cod version of a football game where random shit just happens, and you can just throw into coverage, or stop running plays from quarters defense.

kkroyu says:

2K was so much better the developers of Madden really have no Talent

Donovan Tyler says:

what some folks don’t realize or don’t want to admit is that Madden is still the same game from 6 to 10 yrs ago. Not much has changed. A lot of claims of this is new, that is new but when you get to playing the actual game it’s the same game with a lot of the same animations.

Romie Rome says:

running game and tackling system are way better in 2k5.

Lyle Wiley says:

2k5 looks really good on the GTX 1060 IN 4K on the PSX2 Emu.

Snowbird .L. says:

ESPN NFL 2k5 is much much better. It’s sucks that EA bouth the rigts from NFL so that 2k couldn’t do anymore football games. Madden NFL is good, but ESPN NFL is the God of football games.

needmoneynow2 says:

I don’t understand how NFL 2K5 presentation is still better than Madden’s today smh

Jesus is King says:

2k will always be better

inyourfacevideos96 says:

Madden 12 was the last good Madden

Antoine Stroman says:

Loved 2k5! Only thing I hated, was that the receivers dropped too many passes…

Dinks GF says:

the madden for ps2 is the same of nfl2k, madden bought it… madden 2012 was the last football videogame I have played and still doing it, tried new madden for ps3 and is just bullshit… ea sucks dick

Matthew Price says:

madden 15 is better..but the margin is a lot smaller then it should be.The fact that this is even a valid question speaks volumes to how good 2k5 was

Tyler Thrower says:


Jamari Riddick says:

Madden is the Cleveland Browns, 2K is the New England Patriots

lizbb09 says:

Madden is Way better!!!!! ESPN 2k5 is like the worst football game in history ESPN 2k5 looks so cheesy but what I gotta say about Madden is that almost nothing changed only the graphics but I still think Madden is waaaaay better than ESPN 2k5



Choose a Hashtag let’s see what team wins

Team Madden

tiger man says:

nice nice espn 2k5 is better

CaptainNarwhal225 says:

I wish I could buy ESPN nfl 2k5 is it on xbox360?

Vinnie McGhee says:

2k5 is the best ever

crazedvikingfan28 says:

We still compare madden with 2k because it was obviously the last major football game people loved before Madden’s unchecked control of football games. I still notice today though how crappy the graphics still are with Madden. Notice how players on both sides of the ball move around at the line of scrimmage in before the snap in 2k? Madden is stiff as a rock. Defensive backs never turn to look for the ball in Madden. So many problems. Come back 2k!

The game Boy says:

I don’t know why people are saying nfl 2k is better it’s the same game every year madden updates the roaster and made career mode which was boss 2k was lame madden was way better but 2k graphics were good for the year but now 2k nfl is lash it’s not better you can stiff arm in madden but 2k it’s just tackle you can truck truck stick 2k still tackle it’s cool how 2k made the celebration bug not much noise madden there
Ike OOOOOOOOOO there was way more in the playbook in madden 2k it was just suggesting I meet REALY? Madden showed the pictures better way better the Pictures in 2k looked like they were in jail 2k when they got takled they were floating but 2k it sounds like there in a basketball game NFL insist basket ball NFL shouldn’t let 2k sell the games for 20$ I video game has to be at least 30$ madden made it 30$ so 2k was just awful the fans need to stop say 2K COME BACK NOW the sacks they slide I’m confused why that happens madden you can bang people offer and over again it’s a lot more those videos are on Easy all madden it’s harder to takle on defense on offense it’s easy to get takled they made that red green bar that helps in madden when in my career mode your playing as a running back 2k was so bad just stop if ball goes into the s stadium the game crashis like if you agree

Spokesman says:

2k would have made a crunchier game.

armst012 says:

I will say this about 2k5, You are getting off a ton more plays than in madden, the pacing is kinda unrealistic, I mean your running 2 plays in 15 seconds easily and that’s not no huddle passing, its running the ball..You weren’t even half way through the 2nd quarter in 2k5 meanwhile in madden you’re in the 3rd quarter..

neonleo1 says:

where is the ICKEY SHUFFLE?

XxGodsSonxX says:

One of the many things that stood out to me about ESPN 2K5 was the challenge system. We don’t see that realism in Madden

Enter-Tribal Entertainment says:

after all these years the graphics and movements are still not as good as Epsn NFL 2k5. I just got Madden 17 after a 10 year hiatus. wow still choppy and running is still bad ..stiff arm is a joke and tackling can still take someone down with a forearm lol omg …this is what people have become a custom to??? ugh

nyeeezy says:

2k should comeback and make new football game. They can create fake teams and let us customize rosters-names. plus they Can do like pes will do in the new 16 let people add pc created kits via usb stick..
They could also add an ingame editor where you can build stadiumw and roster share… Where people can upload their rosters..

Oknav_elite says:

In 2k5 the noises the players make sounds like they are getting raped

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