LOTTERY OF WHEELS RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday Gameplay – EP 224

This is episode of Multiplayer Monday is the Lottery of Wheels Race Challenge! We will have to have 4 wheels that are draw randomly by a big spinning wheel. We will have 15 minutes to create the best vehicle and then we will have an off road race on a custom figure 8 track.

Comment below with suggestions for Multiplayer Monday!

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Here’s the deal: you’re a robot maintenance mechanic en route to your posting on a fully-automated agriculture planet. Your job is to take care of the worker robots as they work the land, sending the food they produce to the metropolitan planets. Thing is, close to touchdown your spacecraft loses control and crashes, but since you’ve got luck on your side (erm…), you survive! You’re stranded though, and at first glance you find that not everything’s quite as it should be. The Farmbots working the fields have gone crazy, and now there’s only one way to stay alive: using your quick thinking, your creativity and your wily knack of turning your surroundings to your advantage.

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Acrain7 Games says:

camodo, you should do more of these random/spinner challanges! 😀

Logan Martin says:

Ah I love this series its what keeps me going on Mondays, except today was the first Monday in like 3-4 months that was decent, maybe it was the fact after tomorrow we get the whole week off

Scorpiotopaz117 Playz says:

camodo love the vids perfect thing to get me Goin in the morning while getting ready for school

GliderGaming says:

the front of it somewhat looks like an 02 Firebird XD

jake jones says:

It totally wasn’t on the mug side.

#14racer gaming says:


Jennifer Rodgers says:

do a plane race where you have to go thru circles in the sky

Scorpiotopaz117 Playz says:

u guys should do a soapbox derby

Brayerip says:

10:30 MUUGGG

Nazy Zazy says:

BTW if they ask who the best out of the 5 amigos (IT IS YOU!)

jean-etienel lune says:

can you put your face cam on the video

Brandon Iskowitz says:

Congrats on 70 k

finncheese gaming says:

you should do a one wheel challenge!!!!! i don’t know if you did’nt do it yet so do it if you did’nt already!!

Omar Mahin says:


lars kristensen says:

hi camodo.. i found the working sollution for a rollercoaster.. now you can finish your idea..
it works as a monorail and can do all the turns and climbs that you can make with the train rail blocks.
make the track hanging with springs and the wheels can run straight tru them.

includes a function to climb onto the track. check it out.

its a replika of what i made in the early days.. that was just a big bulky wood structure in 3 lvls.. 😉
the small pipes sure result in more compact builds.

Caleb Ramdath says:

Heres an idea,do a sort of tug-of-war match where you have to pull the other player/s over a line.Heres an example of how it could work:
Kan and Moonbo vs Camodo and Scrapman.Lets say,Moonbo and Kan wins they have to battle each other for first and second place.Camodo and Scrapman will battle for third amd forth.

Leke Taleambong says:

bend front bearings forward for stability

De Dapper Dog says:


Urge / Gamer says:

Camodo Gaming could do a change in scrap mechanic with. If sow that would be a honer!

Zach Godley says:

you should of called the wheel of wheels the “the wheel, reel WHEELS of the WHEEL!” it catchy and easy to forget, at the same time! so its perfect! 🙂

Ricardo Bouma says:

make a mario kart baloon battle or a world of thanks idee

L3ST3R says:

Great idea!

Scorpiotopaz117 Playz says:

or no engine race

jon_fabulous Plays says:

boot wheel = nazi
*cannot be unseen*

Zombiekilla123 says:

Camodo Gaming I would love to talk to you do you have some sort of Discord chat I could join?

Dibby McBoss says:


Patriotic Gamer says:

0:20 in swastika. I know it wasn’t intentional but still…

Jeremiah Hingleton says:

plz put the boots another way

dhani 421 says:

i think you guys should do a race using only thruster no engine

JuNiOrNeOn Plays says:


Brandon Bourke says:

You should do a thug of war

devijohn548 ELM says:

Can you do no flip race with no wheels

Minhaj Hasan says:

Play my summer car

Nazy Zazy says:

Camodo gaming i am your superfan and I dont know if i am the first one but i do love your channel more then anybody else does in the whole entire world I am on the west coast but I love Dallas I will be headin out there in December from the 19th to the 23rd so I can be back for christmas in SD. I hope you continue with the awesome work man your the best at these games!

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