“Litezout” vs. Dave Grunfeld | Madden NFL 17 Gameplay (XBox) | Madden NFL America

“Litezout” and Dave Grunfeld play a game of Madden NFL 17 on the Xbox.

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Dat Boi says:

Dang he got rekt lol

GrAy Blazer says:

10th comment HTTR

Cleveland Fan says:

Someone call 911 cuz this is a murder

H0lyC7102 says:

ea sponsored by X Box because XBox Knows it sucks?

Mad Madden Legend says:

Madden is boss

Dirk M'gurk says:

any madden players that wanna play ps4 add docnastyy I’ve been in the 1% on every madden since 2013

Yossi Grinspan says:

ill beat any1 at madden

Lasspeng says:

Of course he was going to win, they gave him the best team in the NFL


jets fan LUL

Aaron Dude says:

in ranked 12th on ps4 and unfortunately I lost in the madden classic.. still that being said idk if light s is holding back but he looked weak to me

Khalif H says:

He did the same shit to me, He asked me to switch seats. I shouldn’t have played nice.

Mad Madden Legend says:


GrAy Blazer says:


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