Life Is Feudal Forest Village Let’s Play / Gameplay – Ep 8 – Medieval City Building Simulation Game

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village 2017 is a new city builder simulation game with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
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Bickety Bam says:

Fences made of pie….

Michael Kopper says:

Pie Pie and what more pie!

Dalton Bedore says:

seems like hunting/gathering is an early game thing and farming is the way it wants you to go, makes sense considering history

OZ says:

Finish fence.. plus other series

SnapeMaster says:

I gave up on fisherman, i trade in the market for my fish. i don’t spend time and money on roads it doesn’t make that much of a difference.
1- i make 3 fields and a shack. one field with oats for the coop one of flak for clothing, and grass for buildings. And one orchard
2- a log for firewood, a lumberjack, then a coop and a weaver. I work the crops in the spring and summer and fall, i use the winter for construction.
3- A stone quarry, an ore mine and a clay mine those 3 will insure you can build quickly.
4- a mill and the baker the next year if i can same year.
5 a market and a mule , gives you access to new supply that you can trade for your biggest supply.
after that its much easier, cause with a bakery you have your key for a voyage. i buy my fishes in the market.
6- a real house.
that’s in a shell my strategy that works great.

Ognjen Radočaj says:

Get those people some freakin’ pie already ; ) make it a priority!

Blindarchangel82 says:

The fence was definitely worth doing. I can’t wait to see how the town shapes up. Also I can’t wait to see the windmill!

Chris Rowan says:

Also. Has amine seen animals just spawn out of nowhere? I swear I saw a fox come out of the ground inside his fence

Dennis 2 says:

Forget gathers, build orchards and maybe some hogs of your own? If you can build farm animals. It is time to get out of the hunter gather era. 🙂

takumi168 says:

there’s a post for fences *face palm* couldn’t you control one person to help you collect faster?

Mike Hillmann says:

I would extend the fence all the way to the coast, you can put a port or something in that corner on the left.  Its a shame you cant rotate the fences at any angle like you can houses by holding down the R key.  Also, there is a completely useless info  graph available next to the remove building button, but I’m guessing you already knew that.

Blue Star says:

You will need flour for pies not for bread, bread takes grain and water if I remember right

Lieselot Slingerland says:

Yeahhh! new one! whoooehoooe!

Otto von Randenburg says:

Fence of in one line to the coast pls

halvanhelev says:

What is that statistics-looking-like button next to the cancel construction button?

Doktor Logan says:

Windmill & bakery first, then the fencing (straight across) during next winter. Only kill meat-animals in the village, then have an animal purge after the fencing is completed (hide-animals only distract your villagers and take up valuable storage space). Oh, and some apiaries near your fields so you can see any honey-pinching bears. 🙂

wreckcelsior says:

36:00 This corner would be fantastic for your crop fields… moving the barn/warehouse has increased walking time and I learned, from a wonderful Banished player named Skye Storme, that walking distance will affect harvest yield.

New fields just one tile larger will allow an extra hand at harvest time… bit o’ working the system there.

 cheers mate.

CanadianCarlos says:

Id say finish the fence first.
Question though. Would you have been able to add another farmer to a crop to help them harvest? Im not sure myself, but if you could have it might have got more of your crops in.

Riggerw8 says:

your farm field best size is 10 x 22 or 10 x 20 (forget what one) will give you two workers per field. very efficient

In KEK we trust says:

I think it’s seasonal for the gatherers. They don’t have any fruit to bring in during spring and early summer. This is just a guess considering that the game is seasonal it might be just that.

Lwest says:

I like the way it’s going, I’d say get the rest of the fence up when you can get animals?

Kevin Curry says:

This series has got me back into Banished again, but think will be playing this one soon as well!

Chuck Co says:

@Skye: few things that worked for me. for your farms, the second, i mean the very second it becomes summer tell them to harvest. they will be able to harvest the entire field. everything is planted but just not tilled. they will till and harvest the rest once they finished harvesting what has been grown. build a mine and a quarry right away. during the spring, summer and fall only have 1 person in each, when winter hits you can get your farmers and gatherers in the mine and you can produce a lot of stone and ore. spring comes around pull everyone except one out of the mines and have them farming. rinse and repeat. keep fisherman and hunters maxed during winter, halved for the rest of the time. it may not seem like they are bringing in food but the villagers are eating it the when it comes in. i could explain more but it would be very very lengthy.

caveding says:

upgrade your fishery to be more sufficiant and assign more farmers to a field to bring in the harvest

Matthew Guscott says:

mmmmmm pie!
fence the left of the village straight across to the shore, then get to making some of them there pies we keep hearing about :))

Greg Pozun says:

Warehousing and deliveries are your issue. The farmers and fishermen all have to wander back to your distant barn, so add some barns near each food production site to save on the long walks.

Dakota Castillo says:

u need to upgrade your hunters

Scotty R says:

Focus on… ONI? Transport Fever? this is good, but umm. not that good.

waterup380 says:

First finished the gate and fence then built the windmill to get the food up

Robert Beasley says:

No market like in banished huh?

takumi168 says:

I vote for pie and windmill.

Benlegend 63 says:

Pls transport fever

wreckcelsior says:

A group of Meese is called a Maggle. 😉

cheers for the vid Skye.

P.S. That horn reminds me of Age of Empires “being attacked” horn.

Noah Marienthal says:

i like the fence idea of going straight across, but the villagers need pie!

Old Faithful says:

It’s really confusing when I’m out hunting in game at the same time you’re hunting in video and you fire a shot and for a second I think what the hell am I firing at LOL

Sigh Phi Guy says:

seems like the fence is a waste. it doesnt seem to even slow the critters down.
is there a “door” for the gate that you need to install?

Legalize It says:

Maybe put a hunting camp where you keep finding all the moose and deer

RazzUK says:

In this episode of Carry on Feudal, Skye blows his load of food stocks so goes out into the forest to whack off some animals first hand.

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