Life Is Feudal Forest Village Let’s Play / Gameplay – Ep 7 – Medieval City Building Simulation Game

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village 2017 is a new city builder simulation game with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
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Lordalex 13 says:

Hi skye are you going to build defences like walls

ravenlorans says:

This Game Promotes Incest. Gene Pool runs Shallow in this Bunch.

Edohiguma says:

There’s a mod that makes the stone roads cheaper. 1 stone per tile.

ravenlorans says:

They Should have made it so that animals gave you Both Meat and Hides. All those bears and all you get are Hides? They Should Give you Bear Meat also. And Meat should be in Portion to the Size of the Animal, as it is, I think they are Not even Close to that.

Finally Adi says:

Under 100 woot woot

Doktor Logan says:

Seems a lot trickier to manage things than Banished and harder to keep track of what your villagers are actually accomplshing. Is there a Town Hall you can build to help manage your resources? 🙂

Shindlay Nath says:

Hey Skye , During winter gatherer are of no use , it is said in the tutorial of the game.The small plants will die in winter ,so assignee them to do different works during winter.Love ur work Skye.

Josh Shacklock says:

Would it have been so hard for them to write a bit of code that keys predators like bears and wolves a certain distance from any player created structures, it just kills immersion haha.

Robert Burke says:

Hmmm , someone might say you like this game , lol. I know I am enjoying watching 🙂

RandomOwl says:


OZ says:


Gaming Rex says:

Skye do transport fever also, please but all the best for ur new series.

Ice queen says:

love it

Neil Harbott says:

What do you need for the tougher clothing? Hides by any chance??

Legalize It says:

Please get pens and coops going, would probably solve your meat issue and keep fishing to build up supply instead of rotating them.

Ron Lloyd says:

coming along nicely

Aaron S says:

Filling your barn up with wheat and oats when you have nothing that can use them is your main problem. Keeping the clothing going will help with the hides. You should pause builds like the clay mine until you have enough supplies or you will run out of firewood. You got lucky this time. You can kill animals up close with a knife, just walk up to them and a right mouse shows kill.

Blindarchangel82 says:

Skye where you cleared out those 2 houses, and the barn, and warehouse. Were you planning on having a chicken coop, and apiary there? It would look kinda cool. Just a thought 😉

Robert Martin says:


Gustavo Trindade says:

Hey Skye, you must start doing the “Early Spring Bang Ritual” when everyone at the village celebrate the end of winter smacking each other heads while building a brand new road.

energycake 1 says:

Can we get some other games please

David White says:

I can keep up even with what others r bringing out

Robert Martin says:


Jack Cheung says:

Can u slow down your update,I cant keep up!

Michael Rosen says:

Banished, especially modded, will always be superior!

Yves Richter says:

build plantages for fruits. its more effective than gatherer

Mike Hillmann says:

I’m really enjoying this series!  You make it seem so easy.

Finally Adi says:

Placing a barn in the centre, just behind the last hut can provide the same distance to each side of the gathers in the north n in the east. And maybe the villages take the goods outa that place ?

Matthew Guscott says:

mmmmmm pie!

RnRollie says:

Great… managed to get through six and a half episodes before i started yelling at the screen…. Skye, you’re blind as a bat! 🙂

Captain Flack says:

Donkeys, did you say donkeys?

Darcotta Second says:

Skye, is there not a market building to distribute food and goods like in Banished?

hydron powers says:

Finish him (the wolf)!
(Shoots arrow)

Jesper Iversen says:

Slow down! I can’t keep up with all these episodes 8)

waterup380 says:

But mommy o don’t want to eat anymore potatoes anymore. Can we have something different

Old Faithful says:

I’ve managed to mostly keep the animals out by building a fence from shore inland and then keeping all of the fields/chickens/hives within the fence line. Then hack baqck the woods around the village. Not 100% but at least it reduces them!

mrmcbaldspot says:

I turned off bloom. It was too much.

Oliver McCourty says:

You convinced me to get the game today. If only you had a link for this game so that some of the money gets contributed to you.

Martin Lang says:

There’s no hide-ing the fact that this series has lot to do with Skye scrambling around reassigning different jobs to the villagers such as tailoring… 😉

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