Let’s Try – Heldric – City Builder Hack and Slash Gameplay

Heldric on Steam Greenlight – http://bit.ly/18sW9mG
Heldric official site and demo – http://bit.ly/18sWiGM

Official gameplay description:
Do you enjoy hack-n-slash but longed for a bit more? Maybe you like city builder games but find them a bit boring? Here is a different take on the same old styles of game. A hack-n-slash without loot or endless level grinding. A city builder without resource management. A game where you don’t play as an epic hero, but a humble shoemaker that must work together with villagers to defend against waves of attacks. Build, upgrade, rotate and decorate the village. Each building adds unique abilities to you and your fellow villagers. Defend against waves of monsters intent on killing everyone. Do you have what it takes to survive?


SlashXel says:

what i dont like about this game is that the game tells you where you can build and where i cannot build which is kinda stupid

Matthew Brough says:

I like the look of this game, I love city builders and recently put a lot of time into Banished. This has a similar art style to that, but with a new combat dimension. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for the upload.

Peter Tremblay says:

Look like a 10 years old graphic game and seem pretty boring!

CloudSteele says:

This isn’t really city builder. I would have called it a “city” defense/Hack&Slash

JoarMusic says:

Hey, would you be interested in trying a game I made called Strayspells? Its about magic and strategy.

EvilNecroid says:

lost interest as soon as u said cant build where ever u want 🙁

Jaime Lannister says:

The click bait description is better than the game itself… pity.

Hoowler says:

Predesignated building plots. That ended my interest for the game.

El Presidenté says:

its called esthetic not cosmetic look

The Gamers Crib says:

In my opinion, it’s hard to call this a city builder when you are limited to where you can build.

akhmad alfan says:

ACTRAISER on PC hjahahahahha! @vertigoTeaparty

sherlockinsomniac says:

“City-building” my ass. This is a tower defense/hack n slash. to be considered a city-builder, you should AT THE VERY LEAST be able to place buildings wherever you want.

TomeOfBattle says:

Epic Shoemaker. I can dig it. 

rogermocca says:

Are you sunsFan from DotaCinema?

GreenArt says:

Such a beautiful looking game, i just wish it was more elaborate and bigger scale like an RPG or MMO, i love the kinda semi- birds eye view camera I wish more games were like this 🙂

Valentine Skinner says:

Very well explained and I kind of liked the game. I understand why the building tiles are predefined, but if you were to give freedom to players but limit the number of buildings it would be interesting to see how they use them to defend. Also as VT said that everything feels planned, even i would like to see some randomness. Also would like to see some more detail on the invaders and maybe give option of traps to the shoemaker (since it will be too much to ask for advanced weapons for a shoemaker).

Arca Niss says:

building on pre determined spot -> Non merci ,

UnitSe7en says:

Turned off as soon as I saw it wasn’t actually a city builder. Buildings merely play the role of upgrades, in the form of stone and wood structures. Furthermore this ‘upgrading’ is even restricted because of the stupid plot restrictions. This is shit. I can build a defensive wall, but only where the developers decided they wanted me to build it? Fantastic strategic depth.

xXxBlackwaterXxX says:

This game sucks

Luaan says:

First thought – Awesome, a remake of The Horde! A few minutes into the video – still pretty interesting. Halfway into the video – oh, this is from 2013! I wonder where this got with more iteration and polish 😛

Paul Mag says:

hell of a mix of games ….

Kevin Tn says:

rubbish game…

Cheryl Dahl says:

Not being able to place buildings where I want in a city builder game? What is happening to the world!?!

Todd Kes says:

The shoemaker is the sole of the city.

swordsaint0905 says:

first, this is 2017 and your animation ugly. The second, it’s look boring, we need town guards, after that update to an army. The last, what is the purpose of this game? town defender? it’s sucks!

astralbyte says:

I’m sorry that you ran into that nasty bug.  It should be fixed in the beta demo (5080) as you noted.  You had some good suggestions that I plan on adding to the game soon.  Thanks for the video and feedback. 

shibbyman says:

omg its like diablo 2 with building gameplay…. EPIC TEH P{WNT WINZ

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