Let’s Try Folk Tale – RPG City BUilder – Gameplay Review

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Realzi says:

The developer was originally making a Single player mission base game,
it was pretty great, but then the demand for Sandbox mode made him change his mind and spend all the time on Sandbox while waiting with the missions (missions where really cool, and might get cooler now that we can place buildings where we want )

But my main thing is how freaking great this dev is, i been following him each 3-5 months, and every time i check there is a large chunk of new content to the game, he changed the games main direction and didnt fail,
Also i remember him saying something about the housing build animation took to much from something so this is like a place holder thing until he can figure it out.
Its all about focusing on the right things and the dev team have always gone the right direction, sadly you dont hear about the actual GOOD indie games :/ Kinda stupid how we spend months raging over gaming companies , yet we cant pull our head out of our own ass and show gratitude when someone does it right.

Also this is nothing like Banished xD, its a rpg sandbox village builder, Banished was a a more economy based.

sloshworks says:

Looks pretty interesting actually … might have to buy this one …

colton fraker says:


wildebtw says:

So is this supposed to be a reboot of Knights and Merchants?

Bailey says:

Looks pretty buggy judging by the ending…think I’ll wait a couple of years till it’s out of early access. 🙂

SL 3D Environmental Design_Visualisation Beats says:

Are u Related to Vertigo, The Famous Youtuber

John Claiborne II says:

age of empires clone with horrible inventory management and ui. Even a crude game like gnomoria outclasses this hodgepodge of poorly implemented features.

madDragon08 says:

Lords of the Realm 2 – “All your people, are fed by dairy, my lord.”

Pasquale Placchetti says:

Your review as interested me in buying this game. I wanted it already but wasn’t sure if I should yet, but now… Now I want it. Thank you!

xXxBlackwaterXxX says:

So I’m going to have to control the individual gear of 25+ people?

Roberto Munoz says:

How is the economy? Is it anything like Caesar 4?

Zuhair Ali says:

lol dint know buildings grew like trees

Mihai Damian says:

Looks nice, it reminds me of Settlers ( 3rd one ), hope all goes well so we can play this nice game.

Chris Gascoigne says:

Despite the bugs it does look like an interesting game and I do like the idea of splitting food in to different groups rather than just the standard “Food” heading that everything fits in to in most games.

веселий троль дол says:

пошта нах

Wil Wilson says:

Nice grammar dosens’t

bfmik3 says:

The idea be hide the unneeded steps for the weaver workshop, by simplifying it. Is understandable, from your point of view. The game is very similar to earlier games that have done this before, like The Settlers.

One of the strong points of the game is to replicate a dynamic economy. Sort to speak of, a lively economy = a breathing town. If things were simplified, it would be boring. Yes, it requires more work and time and energy this way. But that’s how the game was designed. Many RTS RPGs follow this same rule in their own way.

If you didn’t grow up in the RTS era, or had any interests in RTS RPG’s games. I don’t blame you for that part of the game being a turn off.

VertigoTeaparty says:

I have newer video for a newer version of the game so watch that instead!
It’s available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDIq8ea5ecg

Alex Cole says:

i thought your name was vertiigo therapy xD

steve honaker says:

I’m glad you did this review, many of the things you bring out has been here for while.  I don’t want to troll the dev’s but I watch there weekly blogs they post on youtube (you guys can search the game title to find it or game foundry).  Sometimes I find myself getting so angry watching there post wondering WTF they decide to do this when there is so much that doesn’t working.  I finally say to myself well you not a dev so what the heck do you know.  The answer would be I am a game player and I really won’t to sink my teeth in to this one for like 2 years now.  Since it first show up on steam.  I return from time to time to hope I can in fact play this but sadly its always this is not in the game yet, or you can’t do this yet.  Still I hold on hoping for this one to push on thru.  Hopefully the devs realize that the common player doesn’t not like this prolong waiting and step it up a bit.  These guys really want to put out something great I believe but when do you just say thanks but no thanks to a game?

Ghostlight X says:

I’ve had this game on m wishlist for so long I forgot all about it. However this game looks nothing like the game I remember. This game’s graphics look terrible to what I remember. What happened?

Lizzardflame1 says:

This is like, strong hold meets starcraft in style

Weird Demon Thing says:

Hey Vertigo Teaparty I discovered you just tonight and Your name is the same as Vertiigo just double I!

bblurre says:

wow the visuals and music are nice

Detasris says:

Reminds me of spellforce 2 a bit.

Gewoon Rens says:

Stolen from Age Of Empires, but then bad.

Sean Griffith says:

LOL 4:10

Primus Inter Pares says:

It looks interesting. I’ll watch this. The Grand Ages series is now moving with Medieval to grand strategy, so a direct village or town builder would be interesting. Sad the Caesar series ended with IV.

TheDelirous Adam says:

is this f2p?

entZEROspawn says:

it reminds me of Banished just not that pretty or hard.

Games Foundry says:

Hi Vertigo Teaparty,

I notice you’re playing in this video which is two monthly patches behind. We’re now on 0.3.0 (Alpha 20). Are you opted in to a beta by any chance that hasn’t updated?

LopsidedGrinner says:

“Men and Women can do all positions”

Darkboy2525 says:

Is it any good people 🙂 ? I am very unsure if I should buy it or not … love to hear from you !

THanks !

laward182 says:

Now this looks interesting.

Vlodril says:

i had this on me wishlist for about a year before i removed it and its still not even close to get down. looks beautiful and the concept is intriguing but the devs pace. not the best. 

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