Let’s Try Folk Tale (REVISITED: JULY 2016) – RPG City BUilder – Gameplay Review

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kennyPAGC says:

this game has so much potential, if they went quite more in depth in terms of more buildings and research (which is kind of scarce right now) it would be a top city builder game. I also love the RPG spice it has!

RubricMango6 says:

Thankyou for the video. You go into quite some detail about the game and that is exactly what i was looking for! I was deciding wether to buy Banished or Folk Tale and its now been decided, Folk Tale it is!

I love the idea of the game, seems like there so much more variety than in Banished.

Feles Bybliothecarius says:

32:17 I simply love the ‘Busy, busy, busy’! XD

Kelvin Gill says:

Great Video, I think that convinced me to get it to try out. I am hoping down the line if Games Foundry would even consider that direction add Co-Op for the RPG side of things, Simcity5 attempted it but I think with the RPG side well integrated into this game it could work well

Gauge Bullock says:

Need to check this out, love these more relaxing type of building games.

Samuel Lavoie says:

Thanks for making this revisited review. Bought it on Steam about 2 years ago (!!?) played a bit with a very unfinished scripted sandbox. Now the thin looks much more promising as a city builder with a few missions. As you said I’m also looking to get a good city builder with production chain, resources, tools and upgrade management to be expanded and refined, less the cave and dungeons thing for me! +GamesFoundry thanks for listening in and keep up the updates!

Astragors says:

Nice video 🙂

One Question only is the map in sanbox mode random generated or every time the same ?

Londoe Black says:

Looks like a game to keep an eye on. Thanks for the updated review.

TheCrimson147 says:

I’m buying this on steam atm, I guess it’s first sale ever cuz I’ve been for a long time for a deal.

Joy Nisperos says:

great game, ugly ui, nice review

iKaneki Ken says:

Oh, I’m very surprised, they made it so that Villagers actually need to be at a building for it to build. Very pleased with that, it’s what was keeping me away from it as I like to have touches of realism to certain aspects for city builders.

Games Foundry says:

I had to pause so many times to take notes, but did make it all the way through. Many of the big points are being addressed, and are surprisingly correlated with internal team reviews of which improvements need to be made. For example we’re overhauling how crafting works to minimize micromanagement even further, and shifting the focus of loot drops to be crafting recipes that when crafted outfit all units of a certain type (e.g. All City Watch get new boots if you craft them). The portraits in the top left are also likely to change to adopt more of an RTS approach rather than RPG so you can monitor smaller unit health. Great also to see lots of minor points raised – really valuable feedback for us. Worker tools will indeed have productivity bonuses, although it’s not been setup yet. Thanks for revisiting Folk Tale. Simon from the dev team.

Jon Duke says:

Thanks for this video, you helped me decide to buy this game over Settlers 7 which had bad reviews while it did look nice.

Aceguy2001 says:

Ima buy this game, Banished on steroids..

mr_os says:

Could this be the frankestein kid of diablo and age of empire?
Glad to see they did so much in a year!

Definitely keep an eye on this!

yok yokk says:

what does it mean revisited ? new version or rework ?

CM says:

this game somewhat reminds me of the settlers series

OddM says:

At this point I added the game to my wishlist on steam. Hoping it will be on sale soon. 😀

kennyPAGC says:

is there a release date yet?

ambis99 says:

What is the difference between this game and Banished?

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