Let’s Play Dragon Quest Builders – PS4 Gameplay Part 1 – Build A City, Save The World, Simple!

Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive.

Now it’s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard. Only when the wonder of imagination has been returned will mankind be able to overthrow the evil Dragonlord once and for all!

BUILD FOR FUN. Gather materials, craft items, and build everything imaginable!

BUILD FOR ADVENTURE. Play through a tale of epic proportions in a sandbox world packed with memorable characters and dangerous monsters.

BUILD TO SAVE THE WORLD! Use the power of creation in battle against the reigning Dragonlord and restore peace to the shattered realm.

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ZanathKariashi says:

That’s because in the Dragon Quest universe, only people with the Spark of the Hero can grow stronger from battles. Normal people can only meaningfully grow via tools and equipment. That’s what the Rubiss was talking about when they said you weren’t a hero.

The Architect says:

can you build things on to p of buildings? can you build towers with floors and stuff?

MTsingerable says:

*hears music* Definitely Square Enix.

Zennabella says:


Prass Setyadi says:

can you help me how to put block on below..? 29.00, i try to put it but it say “you can’t place that in midair”.please help me..

Edgewalker001 says:

You played Dragon Warrior monsters too!?!
That is like my favorite GBC game of all time, I have probably clocked more hours in that game than I have in any other single player game since then, and I’m still pissed that the re-release of the first game never went beyond Japan… =(

But yeah, I realize that the series probably reuses a lot of music as well as art assets, but that tune you hear when you exit the crypt made me super nostalgic… The gates of Memory and Bewilder as I recall.

Shakib Aunik says:

die now

dennissnel says:

Dude you sound like a Windows bot i mean (Bildrick my child… Bildrick my child…. Bildrick my child…..Bildrick my child….Bildrick my child….) dayum i almost fall asleep.

Dankest Destiny says:

Would be cool if we could play this with friends on pc

Panthineguardian says:

This looks amazing! Any chance of a series?

Electric Shock Minecraft & More! says:

i have this in my PS4

JD Gans says:

can you customize your character?

Aleccia Rosewater says:

Apparently gamers are complete idiots in Japan. Can you not just give the Wanderbot a partial explanation and leave him to figure out a few details? “Here’s how you craft, here’s how you view a crafting recipie, here’s how you gather materials to craft with. No, we are not going to tell you how to make a stone sword you already know how to figure that out on your own”.

DefenderOfFireNess says:

dragon warrior and dragon quest are the same game sires just back in the nes days and before the combo of squar and enix it was called dragon warrior

Edgewalker001 says:

Wait a minute… Holy shit, that ruined city that you plant the flag in, that’s legit the same place where you fight Golem in Dragon Warrior Monsters!

Jacob Kloutier says:

the game you keep almost describing is dark cloud

Vinit Kumar says:

This would have been more awesome with a co-op feature.

Captain Aniki says:

a kids game? there a million of people are hype for this game ..

Derek Mckean says:

Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games are basically the same game. Back in the 1980s, Dragon Quest was selling lots of sales in Japan. However, in the states, sales sucked. However, analogous to Japan we got I-iV on the NES in North America. However, because of poor sales, V and VI was never released in its original form. The u.s would not see Dragon Quest until Dragon Warrior vii until the year 2000 on the Sony Playstation. Compared to IV, it was a step up in graphics but not on par with the early aughts of the ps1/ps2 era. We were lucky to get Dragon Quest viii in the states and that is when the Dragon Warrior name was officially dropped in North America and both Japan and the international releases were called Dragon Quest henceforth. Rumor has it, the states was not allow to call Dragon Quest 1-iv by its original name due to licensing of another product that barred the same name. Hence, Dragon Quest started as Dragon Warrior until Enix was officially allowed to use the name Dragon Quest for DQ viii for the ps2. Somewhere in the timeline, Square Enix decided to port all the original dragon quest to the NintendoDS, but i think they may be closer to remakes or heavy remastering. Unfortunately, DQ ix went directly to the 3ds system and not a console! However, PS owners can rejoice for the release of Dragon Quest X or XI for the ps4.

Analogous to other jrpgs, main installments have numbers in Roman numerals and side games don’t. This is very true for Final Fantasy. Dirge of Cerebus, FF vii: Crisis Core, Crystal Chronicles, and World of Final Fantasy are spinoffs. Crisis core is not a sequel or prequel in terms of being part of the main series, but IS a prequel in terms of back story or subplot for the character of Cloud Strife in FF vii. However, even if a game is not in the main series, it still do excellent in terms of reception or sales. Crystal Chronicles is quite different in terms of style and game play, but people love that game. In that same aspect, World of Final Fantasy shares in that same uniqueness.

Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes are examples of such spinoff games for the Dragon Quest series.

Think of it this way. Stars Wars episode 1-VIII are part of the main movie series, but Rogue One is a spinoff movie during the times of the original Star Wars films (iv-vi).This is the example I would use to explain main series versus spinoff for the way Japan releases its series of jrpgs in the U S.

Genki Gal says:

do you have to be male? -.-

KrazyKatGamer99 says:

All pippa gave you was just 1 plumberry for saving the world, Like WHO does that?

Max Damage says:

14:28 im supprised thats not the name of the episode right there!
Fantastic quote: ” My god! there all idiots ” -Wanderbot

GhostladAaron says:

Wish this was on steam….. T_T

Green Purple says:

It’s funny how many lets players are bad at games, I had to sift through several other bad playthroughs before finding this one. Those other people were literally dying to their first slimes, I don’t get how anyone can sit through that. Thanks for not being terrible at video games

ImIce says:

It’s set to release on October 11th

Genki Gal says:

She wants some of dat booty. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aiden Corvas says:

Wow, it doesn’t look that bad. Simple, somewhat easy…camera could use work, but I like it..too bad I don’t have a PS4 (or Xbox one for that matter) but looks like the demo is out for the vita…I’m one of the rare ones that still have my vita and occasionally will get a game if it’s sword art or digimon…I wonder if this will get released for Vita as well. I have not found any info on a release date for it, but since there is a demo, you figure there would be. Anyway, keep up the video for this series if you can, I appreciate watching this episode and look forward to the next. (Earned a new sub…achievement unlocked!)

dark ness says:

awesome this game have quest and boss fight :v

Edgewalker001 says:

So basically this is Minecraft, but only the main character has the power to build? XD
At least they give an explanation for how you have the magical ability to carry entire mountains in your back pocket…

Galax94cz says:

Looks interesting, but I’ll wait till it goes on sale, 60dolars or what it was is bit too much for it imo, even for a console game

Jack Raiden says:

[DISCLAIMER–this is a severely bait filled lol reaction to you and your cousin or whoever the girl is, post…don’t bother reading]

I can’t even watch this. At least you resembled yourself as a dumbass early. Reading out loud, then asking why this or that…after having read it out loud. Your sister or whoever revealing her mental disability without even getting a word in. Priceless. Sealing the deal with only a couple broken sentences. That’s where I stopped. To dumb to understand microphones..
Also, this concept makes sense. Do you know what amnesia is? Not the bad game, and not the move slowbro uses all the time..I will assume yes, because the alternative..idk, ill assume so I don’t waste more time making you read the definition. The simple explanation about the bed, I’m sure someone bought you a nice car or some jewelry once because d’aww..but you couldn’t build it yourself. Otherwise why wouldn’t you? Imagine you’re the builder, your brother is pippa. He says “boy I sure would like a sandwich, i don’t know how to get a sandwich.” Then you instinctively go into the kitchen, and bring him a delicious fucking sandwich out of thin air, the only problem was waiting. It’s like, they all forgot how to find the sandwiches. The builders though can with their “bare hands”. This is a game about magic n monsters, its magic. Anyway, I’ve seen the matrix too many times to sit through a whole episode of this. This post you wasted time reading was more fun.

Edgewalker001 says:

“What do they do, just hide in the woods and BREED?”
Well… Judging by her name… =p

JoaBro says:

Minecraft players will cringe at these buildings

TheLegend27 says:

if i had a pound for evey time it said bildric my child

bickflick says:

Shame it’s not on PC. Looks like a fun game. Reminds me a lot of Portal Warriors.

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