Let’s Play Depraved | Gameplay Episode 1 | Wild West City Builder (P+J)

Join Praetorian & Jynx in their playthrough of Depraved, a city builder management game set in the Wild West.

You can purchase Depraved for PC on Steam when it releases

*Disclosure: we received this game for free from the developers.

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Jansmaaa says:

Deadwood. Another gem that got cancelled and had more potential.. Firefly and Rome are other shows that come to mind with the same fate! D:

Zhe German says:

why is this Old West game so green?!

Reoh says:

Please do more of these, that was fun. Like watching an abridged game.

As for how to help your players? Perhaps giving them more clues on things they’re missing, when appropriate. Like the sounds of the gobbo’s gathering up behind them if they pass a perception roll etc..

Comrade Heavy says:

Pls rotate it bothers me deeply and you can rotate it’s z

Ashley Hyatt says:

I’m gonna put this game in my wishlist. I like city builders and I get to scratch my wild west itch too.

Astromarine says:

What’s with the cheesecake thumbnails all of a sudden?

Evan Freudig says:

Have you guys ever tried UniverseSim? It would be a fun game for you to review, and I know you guys could make it very entertaining. I don’t know if they will ever finish it. It is supposed to be a god game and you have complete control over a 3D planet. The inhabitants are supposed to evolve from Stone Age, Classical, to eventually future tech and supposed to eventually be able to get off of the planet and go to other worlds. They might have reached to high!! Anyway I liken this game to the Flintstones meet LEGOLAND with a little bit of Sims thrown in (reproduction animations). It could be an amusing and very entertaining Let’s play for your channel. You guys make a very good team. Thanks!!!

Daniel Budney says:

I realize you’re frustrated by people dying, but you started out by saying it: this is EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. The Tutorial won’t be added until all the gameplay mechanics are implemented.

theman fromtaured says:

I went through a phase as a child in which I dressed as a cowboy. My friends and I played at being bandits and gunslingers. I visited some of the real old west towns in the USA as an adult. Went to the saloons, the bordellos, and the old silver and gold mines. Happy memories 🙂

Evan Freudig says:

I think the wolves were wagging their tails because they just heard about this really need food stand that just opened up called Neillsville. Important dynamic about this game guys, unless they changed it. Trees do not regrow. Usually when I plop my town down, I do not do it in a forest area, because I believe all that does is erase the trees, not giving you any logs for them. What I usually do is start near a forest area and place buildings only in open areas, and I also do not settle in areas with a shit ton of wolves and bears. I did originally though. They have made this much easier than it was in Alpha. I would run into money incredible money issues and food issues once I got my population near 70. Money seems to be easier to make, and I think they do not consume water and food nearly as fast. Also I remember from Alpha that I had huge problems with Bandits at that level and I would have shootouts all over town, there would be about eight bandit corpses, and maybe 3 resident corpses. Well guess what, Undertaker could not keep up, disease from the bodies killed about half of  the population. Enjoyed your program, great fun. I am a new fan. One of my big suggestions when I beta tested it was to make the train more useable, wanted their to be the ability to have a shootout in or on top of the train between good guys and bad guys like the epic western movie: How the West Was Won. Sorry for the manuscript, just wanted to share.

Reoh says:

Enjoying so many looks at new games lately. You’ve been a busy couple.

Have you tried Stonehearth before? It’s going to launch soon.

Comrade Heavy says:

I love it keep doing it

Also you should try discord

Bear Clan says:

Never heard of this, but I’m interested now. I think I’ll watch series and see if need to get this week.

haetrid13 says:

I could get into this game, I hope they put some focus on the aesthetic unless they intend it to be more mechanically advanced (though it looks more micro management so far).

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