Lethis Path of Progress :: STEAMPUNK CITY BUILDER! :: Part 1 [Gameplay w/ Bdoubleo100]

Lethis Path of Progress Gameplay with BdoubleO100 for you! Lethis – Path of Progress is an old school 2D city builder set in a Victorian Steampunk universe called Lethis. You will have to build and manage cities, provide resources for your inhabitants while making sure there are enough workers to sustain your production lines. Trade with others cities, honor the requests of the Emperor and make your citizens happy.

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RileyTVS says:

uhhhhh bdubs is this gonna replace cities skylines because uh you havent uploaded one recently

Zachary Stuck says:

This reminds me of the old Egyptian builder game Pharaoh.

Tyler Arel says:

hey stuiped your well broke

Murat Yağmur says:

this game looks like a mixture of  games; Caesar 3 and Sim City…i think the period of game based on the Victorian and Steampunk…

Luca Luca says:

I love this game so much! You just have to keep playing.

Ewan Foley says:

When does Bdubs talk about the butt meat?

Julie Brown says:

Too big, Too Fast…that’s Bdubs middle name 🙂

D3 says:

“Darn blasted butplug” -BdoubleO100

Hoopy Jones says:

Thats oreos

Dylan Davis says:

these games always make me think of this one older game i used to play called age of mythology because of the building and stuff but also because it makes me think humm this is a great game but if it had a story line type of thing to it that would be cool to really like when bdubs plays these games bdubs rulez

gamerboy 10 says:

play morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

Mason Schmidt says:

“Emperor get your butt ready! I’m gonna plug you full of meat!” ~Bdubs 2015

Milan Kruh Vuk says:


Raim Surion says:

Bdubs the reason you aren’t getting much bread is because they keep sending the wheat to storage rather than the bakery, and the bakery keeps storing bread so it is being distributed.

The Charliebros says:

I really like watching these series. They are nice and relaxing to watch and it is just fun to watch I don’t really know how to explain it

Christian Hanson says:

I would hold the production from the houses with the roadblockers

ranox 411 says:

damn ure voice op ! idk y ure voice its cool lol

EspaTuLaFielD says:

you have been talking an awful lot about but plugs bdubs!

KitsuneUK says:

Pharaoh anyone?

gendalfff says:

looks a lot like one of those pharaoh clones

blum bkin says:

BDUBS you need to build MORE windmills and MORE bakeries, u have waaay too much wheat but your ONE windmill and two bakeries can’t keep up with the production. Also build more wells so everybody has access to water and build another maintenance across the city to prevent buildings from collapsing. I really liked the video though!

spyrous62 says:

The windmill is turning the wrong way 😛
This game is identical to Pharaoh, an old city building game. I hate the concept of npc’s comming out of the buildings like the maintanance one because they turn at intercections randomly and may never walk a specific road. That is what is happening to Bdubs and buildings collapse and downgrade (from the lack of water).

Rein C. Versnel says:


Erus Cormag says:

This is totally a copy of Zeus, Master of Olympus.

Niceh3ndy says:

“Stocking, doesn’t even say how much” WELL, if you would open your eyes and not jump the gun on every window and read a bit, maybe you would understand how to play stuff

Shane says:

Literally retextured Master of Olympus: Zeus lol.

Mike Brameld says:

While looking at a windows saying the house needs access to a well, “These houses probably aren’t upgrading because they’re hungry…”

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