Lethis Path of Progress #02 [Steampunk City Builder] – Let’s Play/Gameplay

Lethis – Path of Progress is a city-builder in a victorian steampunk setting.You have to colonise and cultivate the farthest lands of the Lethis empire.

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Wesley Bruce says:

That’s not how you make Absinthe and it’s mildly poisonous. lol. It’s made from wormwood which is very toxic.

Masre Super says:

This game reminds me a lot of banished.
One of the reason for that is that you get told/learn things about the game and then 5min later you make a (stupid) mistake about something you just learned

SeriousCreeper says:

Have you ever played the Anno games? They were pretty popular in germany many years ago so i played them a lot in my teenage years. Still playing a ton of Anno 2070, it’s such a good game. City building but also lots of nice industrial stuff. It’s awesome in multiplayer.

trenton clements says:

Biffa, a faye is a fairy. Like the green fairy associated with absenth

Elizabeth Lloyd says:

i have the urge to buy this game. It looks like something I’d love
Thanks Biffa!

worldgate989 says:

Kind of reminds me of simcity.

jimUkay says:

At 12:50 Hey Biff, did you notice navi from the legend of zelda fairy flying around that crew member at the Distillery? and it seems there’s more of them going in the machine! just look at the tube. That’s what faes’ are, fairies.

South Chatham Village Hall says:

this reminds you of banished? please go play the game this is a clone of. any one of Caesar, Pharoh, or RotMK

Victor Xia says:

Ya know, you need to notice objectives and your surroundings a bit more 😉 Tis a bit late, but could be beneficial.

L S says:

Ceasar III …. almost every mechanic looks the same.

Kooriism says:

The granary is collapsing because you dont have a maintenance building on its side of the road block.

whoeveriam0iam14222 says:

can’t wit for you to be done with the tutorials and balls it all up later…(that’s why we watch let’s plays, right?)

AdoraBell says:

it’s interesting to see the attitude toward roads from someone more used to playing games like simcity or even Banished. I think that those of us familiar with the city building series are a lot more sparing with the roads, especially since every crossing gives you less control over the walkers.

Evelyne Muenzel says:

why the thing is getting destroed is BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BLOCK LOL

refreshfr says:

Love it ! #Loike 🙂

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