Lethis Path of Progress #01 [Steampunk City Builder] – Let’s Play/Gameplay

Lethis – Path of Progress is a city-builder in a victorian steampunk setting.You have to colonise and cultivate the farthest lands of the Lethis empire.

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Gaming with CrissyFox says:

this looks like the old zeus game

South Chatham Village Hall says:

another caesar/pharoh/rotmk clone. meh.

Thorsten Erdmann says:

Last few days I was searching  for games that I did not know on youtube. Almost always there was a Biffa video, HELL YEAH!

starlagirls says:

*grins* a fellow minecrafter with great sense of taste 🙂 *buildings the reason I got into minecraft at first XD*

Weeping Birth says:

Nice, reminds me of the old Caesar game but with a steampunk twist.

DAW Present says:

these game remember me master of olympus and master of atlantis

william gates says:

Did you forget to build a maintance building to PREVENT other buildings from falling apart, baka?

Ghost Sabotage says:

Huh? This game is the copy of a older game called ‘Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom’ at every aspect. Hmmm, just what I have seen so far.

Nick Unpaused says:

It’s really a pity that Triskell isn’t supporting modding for this game.  I feel like it works so well in citybuilders, as shown in Cities: Skylines.

Theo Tattershall says:

I noticed a new video – this one – in My Subscriptions that hadn’t been there when I last checked around fifteen minutes ago. As the video loaded up I got REALLY EXCITED because I might finally be able to yell FIRST!!! in the chat. But someone got there before me! COME ON!!! I MUST BE ABLE TO YELL FIRST IN THE CHAT SOME DAY!!!! 》:[

papaolhos says:

reminds me of Pharaoh… looks nice

Christian Stavnshoj says:

Just came across this channel whilst scavenging for a lethis Let’s play. 
Must say that i am oddly intrigued. Subbin’! 
Keep it coming 🙂 cheers!

JD Kempton says:

This is a must buy game. Very good video, hope you do some more.

hfric says:

So its basically Pharaoh … remade in a new theme with steam punk … ok

AdoraBell says:

Watching you put things down hurt me inside because I’ve played all the other games and know how the walkers work. So glad to see a game like the old city building series. On my buy list now.

VikingGoth says:

This game reminds me of Zeus, Master of Olympus, a favorite from my childhood.

Arnaud Le Naoures says:

the months’ names are french. These was named like that during the french revolution (1789). Les noms des mois sont français. Ils ont été appelés comme ça pendant la Révolution française (1789).

Denis Zolotcev says:

ОЧЕНЬ похоже на PharaohCleopatra (1999). Есть плюсы, но в целом игра заметно проще. Если приводить в сравнение шедевр Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, то в ней даже мультиплеер был. Отрадно видеть, что пытаются возродить старые игры.

Cormier66 says:

If i’m not mistaken, those months belong to French Republican Calendar, which arose during the French Revolution. Nice touch by the game maker.

refreshfr says:

Hi, french guy here. The date is in fact French, but the months are from the old republican calendar (used for only 12 years around 1800).

They do not corresponds with “regular” dates. Year 1 was 1792. The first month of the year was Vendémiaire (22 September). Weeks had 10 days. Days had 10 hours, Hours had 100 minutes. Minutes had 100 seconds.

Damn they were crazy… But I have to admit, the naming of the months was logical. You can learn much more here, it’s actually really interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Republican_Calendar#Months

DeltaHardcore says:

This really looks like Pharaoh or Ceasar. Its got a nice familiar feeling to it

Byron Harper says:

Such a shame that Caesar III’s successor has such cartoonish (kiddy) art style.
I still might buy it though.

SeriousCreeper says:

Nice, this looks like a really nice city builder game! Love steampunk as well so i might have to go check this one out. Great video! 🙂

jimUkay says:

I love steampunks.
also, Vendémiaire means autumn..

Eyan Mclean says:


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