Frostpunk is a Arctic Survival City Builder Game that has players in a winter survival as they are some of the last humans on earth. Survivors huddle around a generator trying to stay warm amidst this frozen survival. This builder game/city builder has the players dealing with resources and the health of the people. Frostpunk Demo is the version of the game so expect glitches and changes. Welcome to this Frostpunk preview! Let me know if you like Let`s Play Frostpunk Part 1! Frostpunk download comes to those who buy the game.

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Jacob Chase says:

can you please play more of this

Mister Smiley says:

The City of Ember.

Haeternam says:

Hey… That’s pretty gud

droz74 says:

Holy shit Frostpunk gameplay!

MooMooChkn says:

Ayyy he found the easy button

Mobydick says:

Please play more!

Sab The Original says:

Continue it!

Somni World says:

That was a great vid ! more of it please ! i wanna see the full extend of your level of retardation !

Agora2021 says:

I fucking love the way the generator sounds.

Darth Panzer says:

Oh, so Finland the game right?

SirWaffles Hall says:

This game is basically Canada the game.

tyler89557 says:

The fact that the NPC’s make trails in the snow is a nice touch.

Wargargble says:

play the tutorial next time u fucking retard

Алексей Бивень says:

-20, meh

Xorras says:

Corpse disposal is not cannibalism, they just throw bodies in snow. Organ transplantation is next tech in line, so it makes sense.

Vercusgames says:

My only complaint is the game isn’t out yet.

Dalton Hickman says:

Will this be on xbox

Kostchtchle says:

game looks good, thanks for uploading

Asomkalay Halta says:

how much for the game?

Maethen Dias says:

i was wondering when youd cover this pearl
its not often that someone develops a City builder with atmosphere
also, dat lucky zoranthebear, i wanna play guild wars 2 pof too :,c

Maverick Hondera says:

Loved your reference to Snowpiercer ….



axel libranto says:

When i saw you almost picking the child labor i put up my two middle fingers

Nguyen Anh Viet says:

More of this please! it’s really nice to watch this and chill , plus it looks fun too!

Mister Smiley says:

So that’s what it’s like in Siberia…

majormajorasic says:


eric fermil says:

Frostpunk is my city.

personzz says:

woo! finally 🙂

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