Kingdoms and Castles #1 – Medieval City Builder! [Gameplay / Let’s Play]

Welcome to Kingdoms and Castles – a medieval town building sandbox game, where you grow a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle. Kingdoms and Castles was inspired by games like Banished, Sim City and Stronghold.

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poopi says:

Drink up 1,2,3
Think I have to pee!

Nailkita says:

Glad to see a lets play of this, it’s been tentatively on my wishlist, but I wanna know more before I get it <3

Zac Wimer says:

This is such a good game.

bjartekv says:

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Fire who?
If I were you, I’d keep away from fire-breathing dragons.

Vengryn says:

Marbozir, you have become my favourite Youtuber over the past week.
I’m loving this game and I hope you do more. Cheers!

Btrackx says:

Scoffed by Nico Bolas!

R U mine says:

they arent in the trees, they are the trees!

dizza good says:


Fail Lord says:

Marbs come on where is new Vox Populi series ?

Jupp James says:

Well, looks like the game has a good AI: The military adviser has no advice for Marbs! 😀

Sunspots Rox says:

Special Cameo appearance by Daenerys Targaryen!

spshc says:

You should build a Forester so you don’t run out of wood. They chop and replant tree to make it a renewable resource. Also everything burns in this game so building outside the range a a well or a body of water (they use bodies of water to put out fires also) is not recommended.

Michael Kalahari says:

Ahhh, Marbs, those retro games are quite funny in their way, but I wish you’d start another civ series. Civ 5 vox populi is really challenging on higher difficulty. Or, you could do Civ 6 after the summer patch with the new Nubia DLC. They are quite suited to warmongering which I know you enjoy immensely. You could go for fastest domination victory on deity!!!

JustAMuffinLover says:

not a bad little builder game! looking forward to seeing what more it has to offer. :p

Viz12345 says:

those people who recommended you that game… well, they don’t like you.

Daegog The Wyrdmake says:

New Marbs playthru AND game of thrones, what a great sunday. Can we get some more likes for Marb’s videos please, 3k views and 200 likes? it only takes one click people.

Aira Rosse says:

You can turn off the clouds in the settings. They strongly interfere after 10 minutes of play.

sirmicho says:

It’s like Banished but with cute minecrafty graphics, which I actually don’t like. This video made me want to return to Banished.

Heavy Duty says:

Mate, if there is anything fluffier than clouds, I don’t want to know about it…

Prussian bias says:

the art style reminds me of godus and that was absolute shit of a game lol hope this one is better

John Smith says:

Nice art style. If only Civ VI…

dude dude says:

Cool a new game

MotriXon says:

This game looks amazing!

Lucas Dillon says:

This would make a great series, have you ever though of Life is Feudal?

SirMrBerk says:

moar pls

Emanuel Landeholm says:

It’s funny that you remarked that you’d be running out of wood eventually. This is what actually happened, historically. Deforestation is one of the reasons why people started digging up coal from the ground…

Attentionseekingnoob says:

What fun, would love to see more

PotatoMcWhiskey says:

Don’t be afraid to mess up a bit! I had some trouble with vikings raiding me in my first couple hours but once you get into the game you can make some super elaborate towns!

Ion DragonX says:

You should start over now that you know the basic elements. You need to have Stone quarry and a Forester sooner. You used more roads than you needed at the start because your Keep wasn’t central enough.

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