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NEW Tower Unite Ball Race Gameplay Funny Moments! Check it out!

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Keralis –
PauseUnpause –
VintageBeef –

Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –


IceFlame'sGaming says:

Poor Keralis

Wioleta Bober says:

C c c c click bayt

Oscar Gomez says:

GG slip

Caimbul says:

There are two types of people, People who dance, and people who do not.

Logan Distefano says:

This game is jut like Super Monkey Ball…. I loved that game 😀

PockingPread says:

This game must be really crap if it makes Keralis rage like this.. I’ve never seen him like that 😀

Finn B says:

Just do ark

Th3DirtyDax says:

Keralis made this episode complete

Adam Crawford says:

If anyone has played monkey ball, they know the rage!

Shirley Curry says:

This was so funny!! I cracked up at Keralis breaking his keyboard!! LOL

M3bully says:

You had me at “Keralis rage mode”

TheSkogemann says:

Hahaha, Keralis! xD

Beck Farrington-Wheeler says:

Haven’t laughed that hard in a while xD

TheYatAttack says:

so it’s super monkey ball?

Bert Nob says:

Great vid sl1p I prefer this to the golf game

john williams-wallington says:

you have a ball race but I have a water mellllloonnn

MsQuoteMaster says:

“I think we’re all winners in my heart”
” I agree, you know what? Thumbs up because we’re all winners here!”

Except if you’re Keralis’s keyboard that is. X’D

Zach Gronholz says:

definitely didnt have to take that ramp and fly and turn around. there was clearly arrows marked that you could just turn lol. Although if you take the jump risk you can go faster.

Lisa Adams says:

Keralis is my spirit animal

Twiggy Bruh says:

poor keralis.

Devan Kemp says:

that rage!!! lol gotta love Keralis.

Mark Cross says:


Teri Culbertson says:

I got a Sprite ad as I drank a Sprite

D.V.D-Entertainment says:

reminds me of that impossible old hamsterball game

FlipMode says:

Playing with balls and rimjobs eh?

Charlie Hague says:

i will buy him a new one lol

MrApertureMedia says:


plizzo says:

Bang, crash, thud, boom…My game crashed. LMAO!

Amp and Edersol Gaming Channel says:

Note to self: Have an extra keyboard before I play this game

Crote says:

Shortest time wins. Pause won again, big surprise.

Feod says:

ROFL Poor Keralis, I am dieing here.

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